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Remembering Spain

I couldn't resist posting these pictures after reading Kathy's blog. Here are two photos of Pablo clapping at the end of the show. It was truly a fabulous experience for him. I thought he'd learn to play the guitar later in life but he took on piano and saxophone.



Entrance to Los Gallos.


Moorish arches in the Alhambra, Granada.


Silhouette of my husband and my son in La Giralda, the bell tower of Seville's cathedral. Yes, he was holding him really tight, ALL the time.


I had to sneak in one last photo of my son in a very oversized raincoat in El Generalife in Granada. Hilarious.


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Awww, that is so cute! Reminds me of when I took my two to Italy for 3 months. Mine were turning 4, and 15 months.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, I love these additional photos! Your son up by the stage is just too cute! Love the oversized raincoat photo too so I'm glad you snuck that last one in.

The outside of Los Gallos almost looks cool. I'm so looking forward to seeing their show!

Those are great shots from inside the Alhambra. From the looks of the Arches, it almost looks similar to the one my co-worker took on their recent trip.

And in your silhoutte photo, I don't blame your husband for holding on tight. From the looks of the background, it looked several stories high.

Maria, thanks so much for sharing these additional photos! It has been so great being able to re-live these special family moments along with you.

Have a great holiday weekend!

Love these photos! And also your comment about how you got gray hair. I know that it was an ordeal for me to take my toddler nephews to the grocery store, so I can't even imagine taking them to Europe!

Hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend!

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