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Squid Ink Rice

Here's the photo of my black ink rice. It doesn't look all that black because I only had two 4oz cans of Spanish squid in ink and that wasn't enough ink for two cups of rice. I added half a cup of tomato sauce and that also diluted a bit the ink. We ate the rice with beans - Puerto Rican style - but I took the photo before serving them because it looks much prettier without the beans.


Girasoli and Annie mentioned black ink pasta which I also eat but only when I'm in Italy. Here are two photographs taken the last time I was in Sicily. My cousin, knowing that my brothers and I are very fond of black squid ink rice, made pasta al nero di seppia.



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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria,

Your black ink rice dish looks really delicious. You always have such beautiful presentations when you serve your dishes.

Your cousin's black ink pasta looks really good too. I had never heard of that before. Maybe it's something I can try next time I'm in Italy. I enjoy trying new things that I have never had before.

I love that last photo of your family's dinner table. Great photo! Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful photos Maria!

The rice does look delicious! And so does the pasta. Makes me wish I was in Italy!

I hope you and your family had a nice celebration of your dad.

The rice looks very yummy! I love the plate it is on. I also like the last photo of the family table. Maybe I just need to try your pasta al nero di seppia to like it :)

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