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Sunday Slow Bakers: Sweet Apple Omelet

Breakfast for dinner!

This is week number 14 of the Sunday Slow Bakers' schedule, as we continue to explore the recipes of Gina's fabulous cookbook, Dolce Italiano.

Simple, sweet and very yummy, this omelet can be enjoyed at any meal. A very versatile recipe in which the filling can be any fruit that's in season. It can also be made low fat by reducing the amount of sugar and using egg whites. To add some contrast to the sweet flavors, I sprinkled a bit of kosher salt over the omelet just before serving.

The recipe can be found in Cathy's blog and also at Bleeding Espresso's blog.


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Yum!! I just saw Amy's version (peach and raspberries instead of apples) and am thinking about making this for supper, with apples though, not peaches. Thanks for the links to the recipe!

Great low fat tips; glad you made this one :)

I like the egg white idea - once we start making our ice cream we will need lots of ideas for egg whites!


Looks great!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, this looks really delicious! I always enjoy the presentations of your dishes!

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