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Guava Buttermilk Sherbet

From the moment I read Annie's post on the Strawberry Buttermilk Sherbet I knew that I had to make it. I had planned on it over the weekend using some of the fresh fruit that I had just bought but things got busy and we ate the fruit before I got around doing the sherbet. On Tuesday, while looking for something in the freezer, I found a bag of guava puree and immediately thought that I could use this delicious tropical fruit for the sherbet. I followed the recipe but substituted one cup of sugar with 1/2 cup of agave nectar. I didn't have an ice cream maker so I just poured the sherbet in a container and placed it in the freezer.

Last night I couldn't resist and had to have a taste of the sherbet while it wasn't yet completely frozen. It was amazing! Loved the flavor and the creaminess that comes from the buttermilk, without the calories of heavy cream. I'll make this again with fresh fruit but in the meantime I have some mango puree waiting to become a sherbet. I also have a brand new ice cream maker that somehow ended up in my shopping cart. I know, I have no will power.

Thank you Annie for a wonderful, yummy recipe!


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Gees, that looks good!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, wow on the hot days that we've been having here in LA, your Guava and Annie's Strawberry Buttermilk Sherbet looks soooo delicious and cool!

Thanks for this refreshing post. And mango sounds good too!

Guava! Wow, that looks amazing! And I'm so glad to know that the agave nectar works as a substitute.

I haven't taken a photo of my beautiful purple Blackberry Sherbet yet, but I need to. There's still a bit left in the freezer; I took most of it to a party on Saturday night and it was a hit.

What ice cream maker did you buy? I'm going to get one too - no will power here either.

Kathy: This sherbet is perfect for hot weather! I did a little taste test before freezing it and it would also be great as a smoothie. Stay cool!

Annie: I bought the Cuisinart sold by Costco (CIM-60 Series). It's the one pictured in Marcia's blog. I had been checking it out ever since the beginning of the ST Scooper's thread and wondering if I should get it just in case I decide to make low-fat ice cream or sherbet. Yesterday there were only two left at the store so I bought it because I knew I'd regret not getting it if they were all gone. So, now the bowl is in the freezer and I'm planning on making the mango sherbet tomorrow. I have already requests by my husband to make a coconut sherbet and another with pineapple.

The agave worked wonderfully and I used 1/4 less than recommended. Agave nectar is so much sweeter than sugar!

Annie: I made the mango sherbet tonight with the ice cream maker and it was very easy, delicious and so creamy. Don't forget to take a picture of your beautiful purple Blackberry Sherbet before it's all gone!

Thanks Maria! Mango sounds wonderful.

I went by Costco on the way home from work yesterday and there were no ice cream makers to be found. So I'm going to order one from their website.

When you make the coconut, are you going to use coconut milk? Or fresh coconut? That one sounds very good too.

I'm thinking about trying fig. I had fig gelato in Venice one time and it was wonderful - and it's fig season in NC right now and the ones I've bought from the market have been super sweet.

I'll take a photo of the blackberry this weekend.

Annie: I'll be using cream of coconut, the type used for piña colada. I'll probably make it with non-fat milk and skip the sugar since the cream of coconut is already sweetened. I'm making this exclusively for my husband because of the calories in it. I'm thinking that I could also make a piña colada sherbet with pineapple, coconut and rum.

Fig gelato sounds very yummy! I hope you blog about it when you make it. I'll be looking out for your blueberry sherbet photo. I'll be posting my mango one on Sunday.

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