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Have you ever taken a gondola ride?

I haven't, even though I've been to Venice five times. Oh well, maybe next time ...





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I haven't either. I just can't rationalize the cost. I have a friend that became engaged while on a gondola in Venice. Now that is romantic!

Too funny! Five trips for me too and I've never been on one either! Well, I have taken the traghetto across the Grand Canal but that doesn't really count.

On my first trip (when I was with five family members) - they all took a gondola ride but I went to the Accademia instead. I was dying to see some of the paintings, esp. "The Tempest" by Giorgione, but if I'd known then that I would return to Venice so often, I would have gone on the gondola with my family to split the cost. I agree with Girasoli about the prices.

Those are some beautiful photos!


I've been to Venice 3 times now and took a gondola ride twice.
The first time, we were young backpackers and couldn't afford it.
The second time we met our son & his now wife there and they did it, so we followed suit for our anniversary.
The third trip we had our other child with us and took a short ride.
I'd say it is worth it if you are with someone to share it with.



Lovely photos, Maria! I've also never taken a gondola ride but I will, one of these days (Hey -- a girl has to have a dream!)

Hey, maybe a bunch of us can go on one at the 2010 Slow Trav GTG? I like the ones with the singers and accordians. :)

Girasoli, you are not alone on the price factor. Twice I had a chance to ride on a gondola and didn't do it because of the cost.

Chiaro, that's wonderful that you went on a gondola ride twice with your husband, sons and DIL. I'm sure you have wonderful memories of your stay in Venice with your children.

Sandra, I also dream of riding a gondola but in my dream someone else pays for it! ;-)

Annie, what a great idea! An ST gondola ride, complete with soundtrack! I've been watching the thread on the 2010 ST GTG and seeing how the planning develops. I might have to plan a stop in northern Italy before Palermo.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, I love your photos! It's so cool how some of the gondaliers are decorated differently.

I've been to Venice three times and rode it twice. First time it was with my group tour and the last time in 2005 nine of us got together and we paid 18 Euro's each for a ride in two gondolas. It was fun. I got a different visual perspective of the city floating along the canals. It was pretty mellow . . . until my friend started singing! :)

If you all are going to Venice in 2010 and going on a Gondola ride, maybe I can bring my guitar and tag along for the ride! :) That would be so fun!

Cool post!

Kathy plays guitar?!? Well, then she HAS to play for us when we go on our gondola ride!

I just noticed that someone has proposed some "official" dates for the 2010 GTG on the ST message board. It seems so far away right now but I would love it if it happens.


Ah Maria, those photos are FABULOUS! What interesting angles and I love those bright colours!

Dave, the girls and I went on a gondola ride last summer. My youngest (who was 11 at the time) had her heart set on it, and that made it worthwhile for me! We really lucked out and got a gondolier who quietly sang most of the time he rowed us around, and what a beautiful rich voice he had too! Plus his wife had family in Ottawa, so we had a Canadian connection to chat about, which was neat.

Oh, how cool would it be for us all to take a ride together, with Kathy on guitar! I am so hoping I can swing the 2010 GTG. Thanks for the heads up on the dates, Annie.

Kathy, what fun to go on a ride with a group! I'm sure I would have already done the ride if I had been in Venice with a group to share the expense. I can imagine how wonderful it is to see the city from the canal perspective.

As you can tell some of us didn't know you played the guitar! Brava! I think it's a fantastic idea for you to play the guitar on the Great Gondola Ride of the 2010 GTG. As Annie mentioned, the dates are posted on the GTG forum. You and your guitar have a date!

Anne, you must have some lovely memories of that gondola ride with your husband and the girls. And how wonderful that he sang in a way that made it so special.

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