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Identify the location

I thought it would be fun to start a game guessing the location of some of my pictures.

Where in the world are these photos from?

(a) Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

(b) Guadalajara, Mexico

(c) San Juan, Puerto Rico

(d) Santiago de Compostela, Spain

There were two correct answers and one very courageous stab in the dark. The answer is Guadalajara but the Metropolitan Cathedral in this city bears a striking resemblance to the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela. Thank you Annie, Kathy and Girasoli for playing the game.

Guadalajara is a city that has been on my list of places to visit for three decades. I lived in Mexico City for two years in the mid 1970’s and even though I traveled extensively throughout the country I did not venture any place north of the Mexican capital; most of my travels were to the southern states and to the Pacific coast. Four years ago a friend invited me to join her on a trip to the land of the Mariachis and the delicious tapatio food. We had a lovely stay but I only have these three images worthy of showing since my friend took most of the photos.



Construction of the Cathedral began in 1561. It took fifty seven years for the cathedral to be completed and dedicated in a Mass and Consecration of the Altar. The beautiful towers seen in the photo are not the original ones. The first ones were built in the late 17th century and were square and much shorter than the ones we see today. An earthquake in 1818 destroyed the towers and new ones were constructed in 1854 using the base of the first ones which survived the earthquake.


The Degollados Theatre was built in the mid 19th century and bears the name of the governor of Jalisco, Santos Degollado, who ordered its construction. The portico is neo-classical with columns topped with a marble relief of Apollo and the Nine Muses. The interior is in a style that is reminiscent of the great European opera houses with red velvet seats and curtain, chandelier and stunning frescoes inspired by the fourth canto of the Divine Comedy.

My friend and I visited the theater during a rehearsal of the Symphonic Orchestra. For this reason we refrained from taking pictures of the amazing frescoes but I found on the Web this photograph of the magnificent vault.

photo from: http://www.gdltours.com/

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Hmm. This looks vaguely familar and the only two of the four places I've been are Guadalajara and San Juan. So I'll guess Mexico?

Fun game!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, those are wonderful photos of ......Guadalajara, Mexico!

Am I right? I'll check in over the weekend to find out!

Have a great weekend!

Taking a complete stab in the dark here...
(d) Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Those frescoes ARE stunning! And so is the cathedral. I was only in Guadaljara briefly many years ago when my mom and I went to a health spa on the outskirts. And I've never been to Mexico City except for the airport - how interesting that you lived there!

Annie, Do you remember where was the health spa located, in which town? Was it in Ajijic?

I don't remember the name of the town but the spa is called Rio Caliente. We had such a wonderful time. Very low key place but beautiful. Wonderful food but the best part was all the pools with this therapeutic mineral water that made you feel so good! There were lots of exercise options but I have to confess that I mainly laid by the pool and read. :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, I have to confess that my first choice was Santiago de Compostela because the cathedral in your photo looked somewhat like the cathedral in Sevilla. But when I googled it, there was a slight difference and I went to my second choice Guadalajara, Mexico. When I googled it, I found a photo of the same beautiful cathedral.

The towers are wonderful and it's interesting (historically) how the originals were destroyed in an earthquake and they were able to rebuild them using the same base.

And those frescoes are so beautiful!

Great and interesting post Maria. And it was fun to play too.

Annie, sounds like a wonderful place and a relaxing vacation! I've never been to a spa but someday I'll treat my daughter and me to one.

Kathy, thank you for your comments and for playing. The cathedral of Guadalajara is magnificent and it is in a style that is more European than New World. I hope you take tons of pictures of the cathedrals in Andalucia to share with us.

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