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La Reggia di Caserta

On my last visit to Naples I took a day trip to Caserta to see the Royal Palace known as La Reggia di Caserta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The palace was designed by Neapolitan architect Luigi Vanvitelli and built in the mid 18th century for Bourbon King Charles III. The Spanish sovereign wanted a palace which would match and even surpass Versailles. The colossal palace has over 1,000 rooms, about two dozen state apartments, a royal theatre modeled after the Teatro San Carlo of Naples and a beautiful room dedicated to the Royal crèche.

The façade of the Palace

One of the rooms in the Palace with an interesting patterned floor

An unusual conical-shaped bookcase

I was overwhelmed at the size of the Reggia and after seeing a handful of rooms decided to spend my time outside walking the gardens. The area behind the palace, known as Il Parco di Caserta, is a vast expanse of land covering 296 acres on a gently sloping terrain with fountains, ornamental waterworks, statues, and an English garden.

Exiting the Palace, this is the first view of the park

Looking back at the Palace

Margherita Fountain

Basin of the Dolphins, named after the Fountain of the Dolphins

A strip of grass between the Basin of the Dolphins and the next fountain

The cascades and the waterfalls in the background

These next six photographs are from Wikimedia Commons.

Fountain of the Dolphins

Fountain of Ceres

Fountain of Acteon, half-deer half-man

Fountain of Venus and Adonis

Fountain of Diana


Built between 1753 and 1770, the aqueduct was designed by Vanvitelli to supply water to the city of Caserta and to the numerous waterfalls and fountains in the Palace park. This section of the aqueduct is known as Ponti della Valle.

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Oh my gosh! I loved seeing this post. Thank you!

I read about Caserta back when I was trying to learn more about the area where my great grandparents were from. I have never seen photos though. Wow, they are amazing, especially the last one!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, wow is right. La Reggia di Caserta is incredible looking. I love the interior photos and all the ones of the fountains and gardens.

I'm going to have to look at these photos again tonight. Very beautiful.

I have not heard of this palace or of Caserta before, so thanks so much for posting and sharing your photos and descriptions.

Here's another "wow"! I hadn't heard of this place before either...just amazing! I love that bookcase and all those sculptures in the fountain.


Holy crow, that place is massive!!! Wow. I had heard the name, but had no idea it was so amazing. Next time I'm in the area :) I'll have to drop by and check it out.

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