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Mango Sherbet

For the debut of my new Cuisinart ice cream maker I chose to do a mango sherbet. The recipe is the same as the guava sherbet, which I made a few days ago from the recipe I found on Annie's blog.

It was fun to watch the machine in action. It took 20 minutes for the guava mixture to turn from liquid to frozen. The end product was a creamy, soft, delicious sherbet.

Now I'm on the hunt for low-cal no-egg recipes to give a good work-out to my new kitchen toy. There's a recipe in Dolce Italiano for a Creamy Lemon Sorbet made with Greek yogurt. I'll probably be doing that next.


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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, that looks so good! I love the two slices of mango on the side in your presentation. Annie's recipe seems so easy and all your photos look so good, it's making me want to try this recipe now.

I think I'll swing by Costco next weekend to see if they have any Cuisinart ice cream makers left. I love strawberries and tropical fruits like mango and guava . . . Thanks for posting your awesome photo.

Have a great week!

I can't tell you how good that looks - really, really delicious.

It looks amazing! I'm on the look-out for more low-cal recipes too, and I'll share any I find. Did you see the Greek frozen yogurt recipe that KGB posted on the Slow Trav food board a while back?

I've ordered my new toy from Costco. Kathy, if your store doesn't have one, they do have them on the Costco website (and they are $20 cheaper than they are at Bed, Bath, Beyond).

I finished off the Blackberry sherbet last night - I'll post a photo as soon as I get a chance to upload.

I'm glad we've got a parallel low calorie Slow Scoopers thing going!

Kathy: The sherbet recipe is so easy and delicious that after you make it for the first time, you'll want to start another one right away with other fruits or even combining two fruits.

I love tropical fruits and the sherbet is a perfect way to eat these fruit during the hot summer months. I hope you find the ice cream maker at Costco and if it's not in stock, you can do as Annie did and order on-line.

Thanks for your comments and have a fantastic week!

Annie: I missed reading KHB Greek frozen yogurt recipe but I found it and will give it a try soon.

I'm going to go ahead and order The Perfect Scoop since the book has recipes for sherbets and yogurts that can be adapted to be low-cal.

I hope your ice cream maker arrives soon. I'm so glad that you posted the sherbet recipe and I made it and posted about it because i was feeling a bit left out after being with the SSB for four months.

Drooling over here! It is 8 at night and still HOT! I could go for some of that delicious looking mango sherbet right about now.

You know, I think I'll order The Perfect Scoop too. Even though I'm watching calories now, I'm sure that I'll want some "real" ice cream recipes at some point once I get my new toy. Plus, as you say, it will give us ideas for things to adapt.

I tried another low calorie recipe last night (with the borrowed machine) - mixed results. I'll blog about it later on today.

Annie: Yesterday my husband wanted some "real" ice cream so he made the milk chocolate gelato from Gina's book. I had a little bite and it was very good, creamy with a strong chocolate taste (it also had bittersweet chocolate).

As soon as the insert freezes again, I'll be making Gina's Creamy Lemon Sorbet with Greek yogurt and limoncello. I'll post a picture and the recipe in case you'd like to make it.


Oh boy. You people are going to be responsible for me breaking down and ordering an ice cream maker. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

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