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Meet Dean

This is my 9 year old shitzu grand-puppy. He's not very fond of the pool but my daughter and I managed to get him in our lounger so he would cool off a bit. With the increased humidity the monsoon season brings to Arizona, we've been doing a lot of lounging in the pool with sangrias on hand. It is so hot that the water temperature in the pool is a steady 93 degrees.


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I've got that picture! With a pekingese I used to have. :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, oooooh Dean is a real cutie! He looks so cool in that photo. Thanks for introducing him to us.

Stay cool and enjoy your evening.

Oh my gosh, he is too precious for words. Wonderful photo! I'm glad you have a grand-dog to hang out with! Even though I'm having a blast with my cats, I do miss having a dog. My brother is talking about getting a puppy for the nephews and I'm sure I'll end up doing some dog-sitting, so that will be great!

We had a little break in the sweltering heat last week but it's on its way back. Keep cool!


He is a beauty. Keep cool down there.



Marìa, I love that pool chair!!! It's exactly what I've been looking for. Your Dean is adorable in it...I don't think my Winston (cat) would be so fond of lounging in the pool!

Dean would like to thank Leslie, Kathy, Annie, Chiaro and Anne for your kind words. ;-)

Dean loves coming to Grandma's house although things are not quite the same since the passing of his playmate, Coco. He also misses Tuxedo who was his favorite kitty.

Annie: Dog-sitting is what I do for my daughter when she has to travel and it's wonderful. It's the next best thing to having a dog of your own. Let us know when you become auntie to your nephew's dog and please post a picture of the lucky puppy. I'm beginning to wonder how LuLu and Maria will react to having to share your attention with a dog.


Dean really is a cutie, and I'm jealous of his great pool chair!

I am not generally a dog fan, but he is adorable! The chair is pretty cool also! When does it start to cool down in Arizona? I hope it cools down soon for you. We are heading into our muggy/hot part of the year. So far though, the trade winds have stuck around to help keep us cool.

Well, when I first took LuLu in, I had two dogs and she loved those dogs so much. So I think she'll be fine with a puppy. Maria...who knows if she has ever even met a dog?! It'll be interesting to see how they react!

Annie: I'm betting Maria will get along with a puppy after she sees how comfortable LuLu is around a dog.

LuLu sounds like the cats we have who like to play with the dogs. My Coco loved cats and she had four to play with! She used to give them kisses .

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