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PhotoHunt: Beautiful

Beautiful Venetian Masks





Happy hunting and a great Labor Day weekend to everyone!

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I love thes masks!! Definitely beautiful!! Great choice for this week's theme.

The one thing I regret is not buying the mask the year I spent time in a mask shop. I went there my final day and didn't have time to mail it home and couldn't figure out how I would carry it traveling solo by train with my bags. I went back the following year and could not find the mask shop again.

Happy Labor Day weekend :)

Great choice for this weeks theme - hope your weekend is going well. :)


I love the masks too. I can't help but go into stores that display them. I have a cousin who collects them (which reminds me, I keep meaning to send her one from Italy) and yet she's never been to Italy - they line her walls. Anyway, your shots remind me of her. :)

Wonderful photos from the most beautiful city in the world! Have a great weekend!

Annie, before I clicked on my link to your blog, I was thinking..."OK, Annie is going to do either stained glass window or something in Venice."
Thanks for not disappointing me! Love the photos of the masks!

Deborah! This is so funny! It's me, María, who chose a Venetian theme but I think Annie also was considering a photo from Venice.

i love masks! are these your collection? the 3rd photo with black feathers is beautiful.

Wonderful choice for this week's theme! When we were in Venice we found a shop that sold nothing but animal masks - they were incredible.

What is it that attracts so much to masks? They are beautiful and mysterious. Great photos for the theme.

Have a good long weekend.

LOL at Deborah!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, great photos of those beautiful masks in Venice. I always like to take photos of them when I'm in venice too, because they are so beautiful and each one unique.

Have a great Holiday Weekend too!

Wow, that is a beautiful collection... they are indeed beautiful in many ways. Very cool.

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