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PhotoHunt: Wrinkled

Wrinkled fondant on my friend's birthday cake.


Happy hunting and a great weekend to everyone!

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That is amazing! Food or art?! Have a great weekend!

That looks delicious..great idea...Michelle

Like it and I wonder if those wrinkles tasted as yummy as they looked!

WOW that is a stunning cake! How do they do that?!

My Photo Hunt is up, too! Please visit and leave your link. :) http://newyorktraveler.net/photo-hunters-wrinkled/

Very creative!! What a beautiful cake!! So colorful. I bet it tasted great. Happy Weekend!

That's a beautiful cake. Great idea for the theme. Happy weekend.

My goodness! Now that's a cake!

I would not of guessed that was fondant. This is a great theme. Everyone's posts are so diverse.

Super shot - did you bake the cake?

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, cool theme photo! I had not heard of Fondant before. Sounds good, looks good!

Have a nice Sunday!

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