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Be fruitful and multiply

The family my parents started has been growing by leaps and bounds. This is my new precious grandniece, born two weeks ago. She's number 17.

Welcome to the world, Miriam Julissa!


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What a beautiful name they chose!

I am excited to hear about your decluttering when you moved.

It inspires me to try to do some more of it today.

Where to start! Where to start! :)


She is a beauty. Do you have any kids/grandkids?

Guli (your favorite oldest brother):

It's number 17 for you, but only number 12 for me, I think! That's not fair, boo, hoo...

I have a daughter and a son, Pablo, who's getting married on February 2009. I told my son and his fiancée that I had put an order for a red headed grandbaby for 2010. :-)

I know you're going to be grandmother soon. You must be so excited! Are you going to be shopping for some cute Italian outfits for the grandbaby?

Hey Guli, don't complain or I'll post that scary picture of you eating black ink pasta in Murano. ;-)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Welcome into the world Miriam Julissa!

Congrats "grand auntie" Maria! She is so adorable . . .


She's adorable, congratulations!

Oh my gosh, what a precious little face. I love her name too!

Guli (your favorite oldest brother):

Otra vez fría...I dare you AGAIN!

Congratulations! She is definitely precious. She looks so peaceful :)


Oh, she is so beautiful!! And what a lovely name she has been given.


Has the Di Cristina beauty...
Bellisima pronipote,


Your favorite fratello,


Thanks everyone. I'm looking forward to meeting this beauty in November along with grandniece Maia Gabrielle, who was born in July.

To Miguel and 'Guli': Thanks for stopping by. You two are my favorite brothers but please don't say anything to Miriam Julissa's grandpa. ;-)


One of Miriam Julissa's aunts read those comments!
haha don't worry I won't tell Papi :D

This is a really cute picture, I can't wait to see her!

Mary :

Okay, very late, I didn't have the link before! I love the blog, thank you. I will keep it from Papi!! I love you!

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