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Kiva Lending Team Obama

Kiva is a microlending website where individuals make micro loans to help people in developing countries climb out of poverty. As a member, you choose who to lend, starting with as little as $25.00. As the loan is repaid, you get your money credited back to your account and you can either re-lend or withdraw your money.

Kiva Team Obama (link on the right) was created on September 4 by a Kiva member and in just a week it has grown to include 152 members and 210 loans totaling $5,800.00. As more loans become available, the number of members increase along with the total amount loaned.

I’ve been a member of Kiva since February and I joined the team as a way to show support for Obama and his call for community service, helping one person at a time.

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, I had not heard of the Kiva Lending Team before. It sounds like a great program. I love the idea of joining Kiva Team Obama to show support for his message. And so I did.

Great post. Thanks so much for sharing it. Have a nice evening Maria!

This is wonderful. And you're right, it's right in line with his philosophy of all of working together.

Yes, another great example of community organizing and what it can accomplish!

Brenda :

You, too?
I'm a KIVA believer, also...made my 21st loan just a few days ago. I'll check out Team Obama!

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