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Last time I went to Venice ...


My brother and I were people watching and drinking Bellinis at the bar seen in the picture next to the entrance to the Hotel Rialto. After drinking a couple of Bellinis we decided it was time to head to our hotel and pack up our bags in preparation for an early train to Rome. As I stepped out of the bar, I didn’t pay attention to the uneven pavers and landed on the ground with a very bad sprained ankle. My brother says that I yelled out a curse word in Spanish (also used in Italian!) so loud that it still resonates throughout the entire city. As I sat on the ground holding my ankle and fighting back tears, a waiter from the bar came out and asked me: Signora, si ha fatto male? (Madam, did you hurt yourself?) I looked at him speechless as I attempted to stand up. I hobbled to our B & B and slept with my foot elevated. We proceeded with our itinerary but I had to ice and elevate my injured ankle for the entire two weeks we were in Italy.

No more Bellinis for me!

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Oh no!! Poor you!!

Is that the bar with the large photos on the walls of the flooding coming into the bar? :)

How horrible! Italy's streets can definitely be hazardous! As I was reading this, I thought at first you were going to say that you fell into the canal! Glad that didn't happen. Question - do you dream in English or Spanish? Also, which language do you think mainly in? Or does it depend on the situation? I always find this so interesting.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, I'm sorry that you fell and got hurt like that. BTW, I can't imagine you cursing! So it must have been very painful.

Glad the injury didn't prevent you from still enjoying Venice.

Oh no! How awful. I don't blame you for yelling!

Was it the bar with a few tables at the base of the Rialto bridge (to the left) or the one on the right with the green awning? I've sat at the one at the base of the bridge many times - great people (and boat) watching!

Girasoli, your comment about me possibly falling in the canal cracked me up. I guess I’m lucky that the canal was more than a few feet away from those steps.

I don't dream very much but when I do it's in Spanish because my dreams are almost always about my family. In regards to thinking, it depends on the situation but for the most part I think in Spanish when I’m home and in English when I go out the door unless I’m in the company of my Spanish speaking friends. I’m constantly going back and forth between the two languages because I use them both everyday. It's not difficult to switch languages. In Italy I find myself thinking in Italian when I’m in the company of my cousins. It’s total immersion there and can produce a bit of frustration but I love practicing my (intermediate level) Italian.

Kathy, I don't usually use foul language but the fall was so painful that the word just came out naturally. I actually felt the ankle bone come out of its socket and back in. It was an awful feeling. I hobbled quite a bit for a while but I felt better once I arrived at my cousin's home in Palermo and was able to rest for a few days.

Annie, it's the one to the left of the entrance to the hotel, the one closer to the base of the Rialto Bridge. It is indeed a great place to watch people and boats on the Grand Canal. Leslie says that she's been there, also. I hope to be there with Anne in about 23 days. I took this photo from the bridge the day after we arrived in Venice not knowing that later it would serve as a painful reminder of my last night in Venice.


Yes sorellita, you were in pain for days...especially walking Rome with your brothers, I remember you limping and hurting but never gave up!!! Gracias to be a great tour guide.

I love you, sister.

That is so interesting about thinking/dreaming in your different languages. I envy you!

It used to be called the Lowenbrau bar but it had a new name last December and I can't remember it. I sat there on a sunny winter afternoon last year. Oh...I met a wonderful Italian couple from Turin there on my second trip and then a year later I was walking across the Rialto Bridge and looked down and saw that same couple sitting at that bar! We were amazed to run into each other again at the same place.

Good luck with adding an extra day to the front of your trip!

Thanks for answering the language question. I love to hear how people who speak more than one language use the various languages. I can't believe today, in 2008, we still are not teaching children two languages in our school system. You are very lucky. I wish I had the opportunity to become fluent in two languages.


Venice was the most challenging Italian city I've been in for tripping. I was terrified that mom would do what girasoli suggests above and take an impromptu dunk in the canal - happy she managed to avoid that. I doubt it was the bellinis :-)

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