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PhotoHunt: String(s)

Maracas with handles covered with strings, made by the Kuna Indians of Panama


Maracas from Ecuador hanging from a string


The sound hole on a Spanish guitar with six new strings


Our old and sad violin with four loose strings and a few other missing parts


Happy hunting and a great weekend to everyone!

Comments (12)

Cool! Especially the first two. I love musical instruments.

What a wonderful look at strings - all four photos are just beautiful. Hope you have a great weekend!

I really like your first two instruments. I went with a guitar also.


Ooh, good shots. I didn't even think to use Sammi's Cello.

Those are all great shots for the theme. I think your old violin is beautiful.

Cool idea! I also would not have thought of instruments. Love all of the photos and choices!

Very clever! I never would've thought of the maracas.

What a cooincidence - I got out my maracas this week - from Mexico, my family must have taken a trip to there...

I have carted them about from house to house all my life, (I think 16 or more houses) but am uncluttering now...

I have become a fan of unclutterer.com :)

Oh, and I only had one.


Great post, very imaginative!

great shots!! i love your picture of the violin.

These musical instruments are works of art! Beautifil selections.


Where'd you get that cool Slow photo hunters logo & listing on the side of your page? I keep meaning to jump into the photohunt thing...and then I forget. Yeesh what a pitiful attention span I have!

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