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PhotoHunt: Wild

Wildlife on Isla Isabel, a Mexican island north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.



A couple of frigate birds not too happy to see us get so close to them during mating season. The male is the one with the red throat pouch which he inflates to impress the female.


A brown iguana

Happy hunting and a great weekend to everyone!

Comments (11)

Wow, I am surprised you were able to get so close. Great shots :)

I've seen those birds on TV - how cool that you saw them in person! They are wild in more ways than one. :) Hope you're having a great weekend!

I thought the frigate bird pictures were great. I love them especially how you were able to get the impressive male.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, great theme photo selections. From the size of his pouch looks like he's working hard to make an impression. And that iguana really blends well into his wild environment. Great choices.

Have a nice weekend!

I've always wondered if those throat pouches can pop like a balloon can.

These photos are very cool! I have seen frigate birds before but never with the red throat pouch inflated. How did you ever get so close? I also like the brown iguana photo. Great choices for this week's theme!!

Oh my stars! Look at that thing! That's one wild bird. :)

Maria - excellent choices. The bird shots are stunning!

Very, very cool that you got the male in full throat!


Great photos!


Yeah, I know it always turns me on when Chris inflates his big red pouch ;). Sorry - couldn't resist.

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