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Adiós Córdoba

Before moving on to the next town in our Andalusian itinerary, here are some random photos from our wanderings in Córdoba.

On our first night we ate a delicious dinner at the Restaurante Almudaína located in front of the Alcázar. The restaurant is in a 16th century mansion that was the home of an Austrian bishop. We dined in the ivy-clad patio and under this beautiful glass ceiling.

Pay toilets in the small plaza outside the restaurant. It was the first time I've seen these toilets and was amused at the information on the sign. The word 'aseos' is Spanish for bathroom, although in Latin America it is more common to see the word 'baños".


Cute kitties in the Alcázar.



An elevated shrine dedicated to Mary.

Close-up of the sign on the railing of the shrine.

If you want your sadness
to turn into happiness
you won't pass by, sinner
without praising Mary

After our visit to the Mezquita, we stopped at a nearby restaurant to eat a light lunch of tapas. We ate about three tapas each but it wasn't until we had finished half of the tapas that I remembered to take photos of our lunch.

A small serving of paella.

Savory croquettes and mayonnaise on the side for dipping.

A tapa of jamón serrano — cured ham similar to prosciutto.

A refreshing glass of tinto de verano, a drink similar to sangría but made with one part red wine and one part lemon soda.

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, great photos! I remember seeing that beautiful shrine too. I love the photos of the kitties (which reminds me!) and your food close-ups. Cordoba is a really beautiful town and you made a great decision to spend more time there. Maybe someday for me I can return.

Thank you for sharing more of your photos and experiences and allowing my memories of Cordoba to resurface again.

Have a wonderful day and weekend Maria!

I love that shrine! What a beauty. And so are the kitties!

Those very detailed bathroom instructions are a hoot!

The food photos make me very hungry as I sit here eating boring cereal for breakfast. :)

These are great. I love the kitties and the food.


Wonderful photos, Maria. The shrine is very cool (and what a blunt warning in that message!)

The kitties are great -- they look sleek and cared for (perhaps they're getting a taste of that mouthwatering ham!)

Ok, here goes with my French bathroom story. First time in Europe, last stop - Paris. I took a year of French in Jr. High which means I knew about 20 words. I find one of these bathrooms (similar to the one above). The directions are only in French. I put the coins in, use the toilet, and mesmerized by the automatic washing the seat machine when the door automatically opens! Thank goodness I pulled my pants back up but I was not prepared for the door to open before I was ready to leave. It sort of freaked me out a little.

Great photos! I have not had good paella in years. Your photo looks so yummy!!

Kathy, thank you for your kind words. I hope someday you have the opportunity to spend more time in Córdoba. Personally I’d love to return in May when they have the Festival de los Patios when private courtyards are open to the public during a competition of the most beautifully decorated patio. The pictures I’ve seen of these patios are amazing!

Annie, it was a beautiful shrine and I was surprised at the size and at the fact that it looked like a small altar removed from a church chapel.

Marta, the kitties were adorable and so friendly.

Sandra, upon reading the warning on the sign, I said a Hail Mary, just in case …

Girasoli, LOL! I’m sorry for laughing. Good for you for being quick on pulling your pants back up. I would have probably freaked out and freeze. What happened to you is my worst nightmare. I hate using public bathrooms that are a one-room bathroom because I’m always afraid that the lock won’t work and someone might open the door.

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