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Charming Córdoba

When my husband and I first started planning our anniversary trip, I mentioned to him that I had only one must see city – Córdoba. We drove past this Andalusian jewel 27 years ago when we traveled around the region in our VW camper bus, but this time I didn't want to miss the great Mezquita (mosque), the terraced gardens at the Alcázar (castle), and the lovely patios.

We arrived late one night after driving for six hours straight from the Barajas Airport in Madrid. We kept our adrenaline level high with a couple of stops at two roadside bars to fuel-up with coffee, wine and tasty tapas. The first sip of vino tinto (red wine) was divine, accompanied by recently harvested cured crisp green olives.

Our hotel, the NH Hotel Amistad, was located right in the city center, a short walk from the Mezquita and the Alcázar. The entrance to the hotel was through an old city stone wall leading into a gorgeous courtyard.


Narrow cobblestoned streets in the old city around the Jewish neighborhood known as Judería.




Outside walls of homes and businesses are dotted with gorgeous foliage and blooms hanging from terracotta planters.




In the historic center some streets end on a small square surrounded by homes and shops. This is the case with this small charming square where a guitarist was performing. It is in this square where an old Arab well is located. My blogging friend Kathy, who visited Córdoba about a month after us and who did an excellent job at blogging from Spain, wrote a post about this particular square and the well.


The pride of the residents of Córdoba is their patios. Most of the patios we saw were on buildings with multiple residences and were locked by iron gates but peeking through the bars was not a problem. The black iron gate leads into the courtyard where a fountain with azulejos (tiles) is at center stage. Walls are decorated with planters and/or typical Andalusian decorative plates. Moorish style lamps adorn the entrance to the patio.



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I am so glad that you are blogging a bit about your recent trip. I enjoyed reading this post. I must have gone to Spain just a year or so after you. I can't remember for certain if we went in 1983 or 1984.

Córdoba was near the end of our tour and I think we were getting tired. We loved the churches but I don't remember much of the historic center. We were staying out of town at the modern Parador.

I hope to read more about your trip. It might inspire us to visit again.

Fabulous post - love the posts of pink petunias.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, I really enjoyed your beautiful post about the City of Cordoba a definite jewel...I also enjoyed walking around and peeking through the bars as well. And I think it is so cool that you were here 27 years ago and how you traveled by a VW throughout the region. That must have been such a great experience. I love all the photos that you took of the beautiful patios. Your hotel's patio looks so beautiful too.

I am really enjoying reading your posts and remembering my memories through your wonderful descriptions! Thanks for writing this awesome post Maria. That was also so nice of you to mention my blog. I miss Spain already.

I am really looking forward to reading more about your trip. Have a great evening Maria!

Marta, I'll be blogging about Spain for a few days to redeem myself for not blogging while traveling. I hope my entries, along with the ones Kathy wrote from Spain, bring back lovely memories of your trip to Spain.

Kathy, I had a kick reading your post on Córdoba - it felt like we were traveling together. You posted some great pictures and really captured the beauty of the city.

The courtyard of your hotel is amazing! I loved reading about your visit to Córdoba and enjoyed seeing your photos. I can't wait to hear more about your trip and see more photos :)

Girasoli, I love courtyards and chose this hotel based on the beautiful courtyard and the hotel's location.


Maria, I also love courtyards and these are very beautiful. And the tile work in the patios is extraordinary.

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