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I've been busy the last couple of days working on my hotel reviews for the Slowtrav site and organizing my photos. So far I have submitted three reviews and still have 7 more to do.

While searching for the photos I took of some of the hotels we stayed in, I came across the two photos below that I shot on the day we left Seville. It was Sunday morning and the churros stand came out of hiding and into the alley. The customers were eagerly waiting for their order and once delivered, they quickly went inside a nearby café to eat the churros with hot chocolate or coffee. We skipped the churros and decided to enjoy one more time the delicious Andalusian breakfast of toasted bread drizzled with olive oil and crushed tomatoes known as "tostada con aceite y tomates'. I was so busy eating my tostada that I forgot to take a picture of the churros. I do have a photo of my Andalusian favorite breakfast but I'll save that one for Saturday's PhotoHunt theme.

On this cold and cloudy day I have a hankering for churros and hot chocolate. I'm sure Kathy (¡Bienvenida a casa!) who just returned from Spain on Monday will agree with me on how deliciously crunchy the churros are.



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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, It's fun reading your experiences and then remembering mine ... I totally agree that the Churros are "deliciously crunchy". Perfect description. This week I have been missing both Venice (since Annie is there right now) & Spain.

I love these photos. BTW, thanks so much for that tip on the Andalusian breakfast. I did try it and instantly loved it.

Thanks for this great post Maria! I am really looking forward to reading more about your experiences and seeing your photos.

I love the photos! I had ot ask Kathy what churros were when she blogged about it. She had a photo on her blog. The churros stand is cool. So what would be close to churros to imagine the taste? Tostada con aceite y tomates sounds delicious!! Can't wait til Saturday to see the photo :)

Great post! And I have NO idea what to do for breakfast. :)

Girasoli, the closest thing that comes to mind would be an unglazed cake doughnut but a bit thinner and crunchier and sprinkled with sugar. Churros are great finger food but like anything fried, you have to watch out how much you eat. I think one of the fast food chains (Jack in the Box?) has them on their menu.

Kathy, I'm glad that you liked the 'tostada con aceite'. We brought a couple of bottles of olive oil from Jaen and we have enjoyed drizzling it over toasted bread. I don't miss the churros too much because of all the grease.

I'll start blogging about my recent trip on Monday but I'm thinking of starting with Morocco. I want to save Venice for later, after Annie's return. I'm going to start reading your posts from Spain this weekend. I'm really looking forward to hear about your adventures!

Well I managed to find and scrap a breakfast picture. That was a Christmas kit that I used and recolored.

Due cappuccini e due brioche con marmellata per favore. :)


Yum, churros sound great! But it also sounds like you would have to guard against over-consumption! (What is it about crunchy foods that makes me want to keep crunching through far too many?)

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