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PhotoHunt: Breakfast

This is an Andalusian breakfast of toasted bread drizzled with olive oil. As an extra, one can request a small serving of crushed tomatoes to spread on top ...


followed by a "cortaito", coffee with a splash of milk.


Happy hunting and a great weekend to everyone!

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Oooo, that looks good.


I'd love having this...YUM!

That looks so good. It reminds me of Bruschetta.

Stop by and see my Photo Hunt if you have time.

It reminds me somewhat of bruschetta. It sure looks delicious!! The coffee looks good too. Happy Weekend!!

Happy weekend! Hope your week is really terrific! :)

P.S. - I had my laptop and one of my 3 EHDs fail last week - hope you have all your great pics backed up. I did, on the other two EHDs. :)

I have done a restore of my my C Drive back to the original status and replaced the third EHD.

They both look great. A nice strong coffee with a touch of milk to ease the bitterness. Yummm..

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, I love your Photo theme choice this week! They look so delicious and it brought back some fantastic memories for me . . .

Have a nice Sunday!

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