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PhotoHunt: Favorite

Favorite drink in the morning — a perfect cappuccino made by my husband.

Favorite drink in the afternoon — prosecco by the Grand Canal.

Favorite drink in the early evening — a spritz in Venice.

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Great choices and great pictures. So your husband makes your latte also. Mine too.

Whoa yeah - we share favories! :)


Good topic! After hearing you all talk about spritzes, I finally had one (then two, three and four - different nights though ;D), on our last trip; very enjoyable.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, great phototheme selections . . . I've never had a spritz yet, but I've had several proseccos. :) I love the view behind your prosecco glasses!

Have a great Sunday Maria!

Yum! I only had one spritz this trip (it was a bit too cold) but I had several glasses of prosecco and a lot of great coffee and hot spiced wine.


Hey, I recognize two of those scenes! The spritz was delicious - thanks for introducing me to this tasty drink!

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