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PhotoHunt: Squeaky

The squeaky brakes of a cable car in San Francisco.


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Nice. I like it and good choice for this week's theme.

Very clever!! Great photo too :)

Perfect! I love those cable cars. I used to think SF was the most beautiful city in the world until I went to Venice. :)

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday!

Oh - love it.
Would like to go there, haven't been since I was a little girl. :)

Very appropriate! Those are definately squeaky.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, I loved this photo theme selection of yours. Wow, I haven't been to SF in so long and this photo brought back some great memories. When I used to live in Santa Clara, it was almost a weekly visit with my friends. A very beautiful city, but as Annie mentioned, Venice is "the" most beautiful city!

Thanks for sharing this great photo Maria!

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