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Romantic Ronda

We arrived in Ronda after nightfall and under cloudy skies. The town was quiet and uncrowded. After dropping our bags at the hotel, we walked the cobbled narrow street that leads to the 18th century Puente Nuevo (New Bridge). I'm terribly afraid of heights and was looking forward to my visit and looking at the bridge but from a distance. Well, after seeing the stunning bridge under the honeyed warm glow of the night light, I put aside my fears, took a deep breath, and walked the span of the bridge.


Daytime view of the bridge, built over a dramatic and precipitous gorge and river. I did walk the bridge a few times during the day but it did make me feel weak at the knees.

A view of the amazing bridge from the gorge. Our hotel is one of the white buildings on the right.

A pedestrian lane leading to the Plaza de Toros.

Built more than 200 years ago, the Plaza de Toros is one of the oldest and most important bullrings in the world. I love the shadow of the statue on the wall.

A poem about this famous Plaza de Toros by Spanish poet Fernando Villalón.

Bullring of Ronda, of the macho bullfighters,
claim of your balconies, one Carmen for each box;
One Romero for each bull, one knight on a horse
and two bandits asking for the key with their guns.
Bullring of Ronda, of the macho bullfighters.


Charming square dedicated to San Juan Bosco.

Down the street where our hotel was located, we saw plaques mounted on the walls with the Stations of the Cross. It seems that during Holy Week the faithful gather at the cathedral and do the Via Crucis around the town.


A shrine commemorating the 50th anniversary of the ordination into priesthood of a local priest.

A view of the old Arab bridge.

The 13th century Arab Baths. These were the principal baths in the city and are the best preserved examples of Arabic hammams in the peninsula.

The minaret of the original 13th century mosque which is now the site of the Church of Santa María la Mayor.

Puerta de Almocábar, the Islamic gate leading into the old city.

We stayed in the gorgeous Hotel Montelirio, an old palace with stunning views of the gorge. Our room was the rich and exotically decorated Marrakech room.


We had front row seats into the gorge but I couldn’t get myself close enough to the window.

I loved Ronda and felt sad leaving after only 24 hours, but I know I must return to this magical city. Kathy spent a couple of days exploring the historic center and walking all the way down to the gorge. Check her blog for some stunning photos.

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Oh my goodness - what fascinating photos! Wow!!! :)

This is an amazing bridge! I am so proud of you to tackle your fear and walk the bridge. Brava!!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, I totally enjoyed reading this post on Ronda. I really love that we were in the same places. It's wonderful to hear about your own experiences and to see things through your perspective.

I'm also impressed with you overcoming your fear and crossing the Puente Nuevo as many times as you did. You really saw a lot in the short time that you were in Ronda. I didn't make it to the Arab baths and so it is really cool to read about your experiences. I thought your link explaining it was very interesting.

Your hotel is really cool! That bed is huge and I love the colors and the little yellow canopy over it. The room looks so comfortable. Like your room, my room had a nice view of the gorge also. And at night it was so great to look at the bridge with the light on and the people walking across... Thank you so much for mentioning my blog. That was so nice of you.

I really love all the photos you took. I loved the night photos you took including the Plaza de Toros and you captured some great angles of the bridge. That's a really cool poem by Fernando Villalón. I actually liked Ronda's bullring better than Sevilla . . . maybe because it is the original and for all it's history as the oldest in the Country.

Awesome post! Have a great Sunday Maria!


Excellent photos. Ronda looks and sounds amazing! Between Kathy's posts and yours, and my mom's enthusiasm from her trip last spring, I am really eager to visit Spain myself one day. Thanks for sharing about your trip!


My stars, your hotel room is stunning, so atmospheric. And the view is incredible!

Ronda looks remarkable -- the views of the gorge are spectacular! I was admiring Kathy's photos from Ronda as well. It looks like a fascinating city, with such a mix of the Moorish and Christian influences.

The poem by Fernando Villalón intrigues.....I wonder who are the bandits that he refers to?

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