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¡Buen Provecho!

Tapas before dinner in Seville. Octopus, Galician style in olive oil and smoked paprika (center); tuna and potato salad (lower left); mussels in escabeche (upper left); and fresh marinated anchovies (upper right).

The beginning of a wonderful meal we had outside of Itálica - salad with lettuce, tomatoes, corn and goat cheese washed down with a refreshing glass of tinto de verano (red wine with lemon soda).

Dinner in Cádiz. My husband's entrée: merluza a la Vasca (Basque style hake).

My entrée was a Spanish interpretation of a Cuban dish: rice with tomato sauce, roasted jalapeños and two eggs fried in olive oil. I love the bright color of the egg yolks; these were definitely not supermarket eggs.

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Those tapas and dishes look great. I think it is time for lunch and I'm definitely hungry now.


Beautiful photos, Maria. Your husband's main course looks wonderful. And the salad, so fresh!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, OMG your food photos are awesome! Oh the memories! Loved eating those tapas! All of your meals look so delicious (and I'm sure they tasted really good. I think I would've loved that last dish a lot too. Maybe next time I'm in Spain I'll order it.

Thank you so much for posting these photos. Have a great evening Maria!

My mouth is watering! What amazing food. I'd love to try a tinto de verano too.

A friend who went to Spain told me that he went to a tapas bar and ended up eating 25 fried sardines! He said that he just couldn't stop and the owners were amazed.

Love your photos!

It looks like Spanish food would agree with my tastes (although I am not sure about the sardines). Beautiful photos!! Are beans a big thing in Spanish food like they are in Mexican food?


I was just getting ready for bed, but...now I'm hungry!!! Gorgeous photos, my mouth is watering!

Thank you everyone for your nice comments. I love Spanish cuisine and the diversity of ingredients and dishes found on each region.

Annie, the sardines in Spain are amazing. They are fresh and so savory. I could eat as many as your friend did!

Girasoli, beans are not a main ingredient in Spanish cuisine but they are used on some dishes, mainly in casseroles and soups.

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