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Gatos españoles ...

in Jerez de la Frontera. We were driving on a gravel road that lead into a vineyard and olive grove when we saw this little Siamese guy (or girl) following a girl on her way to school. I heard her talking to the cat, telling him to go back, that he was going to get run over by a passing car. It was so sweet to see her concerned about the cat's well-being. I worried about him and kept hoping to see him again on our way back. Here he is after the girl left, looking resigned and maybe a bit sad. Leslie, I know you're going to love this photo. ;)

in Itálica.

in El Puerto de Santa María.



in Cádiz. The next six photos were taken in the Parque del Genovés. This is a gorgeous park by the bay, with quirkily clipped trees and soothing fountains. We saw a large colony of homeless cats around the gardens and mounds of cat food on different locations.






in Tarifa, before boarding the ferry to Morocco.

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Oh, I love this post. Wonderful photos and I love the story about the Siamese and the little girl. Are the cats in the rocks by the sea feral cats? Looks like they are happy and well-fed just like the Venice strays (but I sure wish they all had homes!).

I hope we will be seeing some "my new kitten" posts from Kathy soon!

Annie, it was so cute to see the Siamese cat following the girl, behaving, in a way, like a dog. It was obvious that he wanted to be with her.

All the cats we saw in Spain seemed happy and well-fed. The only place where I didn’t see food out for the cats was in Itálica. That picture is of a mom cat with one of her kittens. They, along with the ones from El Puerto, were the only ferals we saw.

I read the latest cat news from Kathy and I'm so excited for her. There’s one or two kitties out there that will become the luckiest kittens in all of California! It's going to be awesome!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, I totally love this post too! I also enjoyed the cute story of the little girl and the Siamese cat. I don't blame you for hoping to see him(her) on the way back. I think I would have wanted to know that he/she was okay too. It does look like they are pretty healthy and well fed but I also wish that they had homes and a family to love them.

I am so excited! And thank you for the cool compliments! When I went to register, I looked through the site and was really surprised at how many cats and kittens need homes out there. I wrote down my preference (a little girl)and have two e-mail inquiries to follow-up with. They want us to schedule appointments and one owner also requires a home visit before the adoption goes through.

This is all very exciting. I'm going to make a list of all the things I'll need to buy for my little Ronda! :) I'll keep you all posted and photos will definitely be forthcoming.

Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photos and that very cute story. Have a great evening Maria!

Oh my stars. So, I'm staring really hard at the picture, and I start reading the post...

"Leslie, I know you're going to love this photo. ;)" - and then I laughed out loud!

Love it!!

It is going to be awesome! I feel like we are on the verge of being aunts to those lucky kitten(s) - it's exciting.

I'll be doing some "cats in Venice" posts at some point. I visited the cat colony at the church of San Lorenzo again and then found another colony on Burano. And there were SO many beautiful cats on Torcello!

Just in case you haven't seen it, I started a thread on the Slow Talk blog board about doing the "blog everyday in February" thing again. No pressure, just wanted to make sure you knew about it. It was a fun challenge last year.

Happy Thursday!

Kathy, great news! I can feel the excitement in your words. You’re doing a wonderful job at getting ready for the arrival of little Ronda (or Rondita). I can't wait to open your blog and see the sweet face of Kathy’s kitten. As Annie said, we feel like aunts waiting for the arrival of a new niece.

Thank you for your comment and have a great four day weekend!

Annie, can’t wait to see you photos! I have a few pictures of cats in Venice and Burano and will post them when I start blogging about Venice. I went to a bookstore between San Marco and the Fondamenta Nove that was home to a few cats and they were all over the books, desks and even a gondola that was at the very center of the store.

I also have a cute photo of Anne caressing a kitty that lived on a boat. On Burano, did you see the water bottles placed in the front of the homes? I was intrigued by them and had to ask a fisherman what they were for.

I'll go check now the blog board. I'd love to be a part of the challenge. It was precisely during last year's challenge that I became acquainted with the ST blogs.

Happy Thursday to you too!

Leslie, I knew you were going to love it. Its Pye’s long lost cousin.

And I've been to that cat-filled bookstore! It's called Acqua Alta, The Most Beautiful Bookstore in the World. The day I went in, he was still cleaning up from the Dec. 1 flood. When I went there last year (or maybe two years ago) he had a box full of kittens.

I've seen those water bottles in Castello too. Did the fisherman tell you they were to prevent the cats from peeing on the house? That's what I'd heard they were.

Glad you're up for the blog challenge!

Annie, the cats I saw must have been the litter of kittens from 1-2 years ago. I have pictures of them on the books and in the gondola. Very cute! That bookstore is a treasure and the owner is so friendly. I asked permission to take photos and he was very gracious.

I was told that the water bottles were to prevent the dogs from peeing on the walls of the house. Leave it to the Italians to be creative and resourceful!

I'm up for the challenge but will have to write a bunch of posts and use the schedule tab. My son is getting married on Feb. 22 and a large number of relatives are flying in for the wedding. I'll probably do some photo posts and will save the memes I've seen around and post them during that week. Maybe I'll do a photo week or a meme week. lol

Oh yes, I am already working on stockpiling a few entries for busy days. Last year, I think I back-dated a couple of times to fill in for a day that I missed. The good thing is that no one is going to give us a hard time if we miss a day here or there! And PhotoHunt takes care of one day per week too.

Yeah, PhotoHunt and Soupers. I might have join the SSS to fill up the four Sundays in February.

I love your cat photos! My favorite is the little black cat on the rocks by the water. Glad you are joining FEB bloggers! I am also going to probably do a few photo only posts if things get crazy in February.


Wonderful post, love all these adorable cats!! I must go through my trip photos and do a collection of kitties (ooo, sounds like the makings of a new collage!) Remember the cat we saw in the window in Venice, with the scowling face? I know I have a photo of that one, and the two that came off the boat to see us. Cats are so awesome, I can't wait to meet Kathy's.

I'm going to do the Feb blog thing, and am also starting to think up some ideas (cats, Venice and other collages, have a bunch of Feb birthdays coming up)


Lovely post, Maria. These cats look so sleek and well-fed, clearly people in Spain know how to care for kitties!

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