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PhotoHunt - chipped

A lion and a lioness in front of the Archivo de Indias (Archive of the Indies) in Seville. Although not shown in the photos, their tails were chipped-off at the root; only the ends remain.



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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, great theme photo selections! I love the expression on the lions. And I can see the little tram in the background of the 2nd photo. I have fond memories in this beautiful city ...

Have a great weekend!

Cool set of statues. Too bad the tail was chipped at the base.

Oh I adore stone lions - I have fond memories of my children riding on the ones outside the Modena Cathedral. ;)

Beautiful photos. I love the expression on the first lion. Interesting that lions are popular both in Italy and Spain.

Great photos! Those lions both have a lot of personality!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

. . .and both of them werechipped from a huge piece of rock!

Great idea for this week's theme!


So, how did the tails get chipped?


Clever! I had a difficult time finding an appropriate photo for the Chip... so I am late for the party, but it is there now. :)

Thanks everyone for stopping by. I really appreciate all of your comments.

Kim, I'm going to guess that with the passing of time that part of the tail became brittle and broke or crumbled. I hate to think that it was vandalism.

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