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PhotoHunt - furry

This is Nena, our furry first dog on the kitchen table, the day we brought her home.

The photo was taken on November 7, 1986, the day my daughter, Polaris, turned five. I don't have a photo of the surprise look on my daughter's face when we showed her the cuddly, chubby puppy but believe me, it was priceless.

Two years later, on the morning of Polaris' 7th birthday.

Nena was a sweet, rambunctious mutt who didn't like to be inside the house. She loved to run loose in the yard, digging holes and trying to catch the peaches off the tree. She was a strong and healthy dog that didn't mind putting up with the hot summer weather. She gave a warm welcome to all the other furry creatures that later came to live with us but she showed a preference for our feisty rabbit.

When Nena turned 14, we noticed a decline in her general health and we brought her inside. In the summer of 2001 she lost a lot of weight and her arthritic back legs became very weak. We decided to free her from her suffering and send her to the Rainbow Bridge where she was welcomed by her rabbit friend.

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Very cute. I love Nena!

Oh Maria, I loved meeting Nena through this post. Our furry friends capture our hearts forever, don't they? And how cool that you had a pet rabbit too!

Happy weekend!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, I love this post. How great that Nena brought so much joy to your daughter and to your entire family and other furry friends in your household. Thank you so much for sharing your memories of Nena with us and for posting these wonderful photos.

Have a great weekend Maria!


Cute. The shot with your daughter - adorable!

Mine is up too.

Great post for this week!

I have been sweltering in the heat and unable to sleep at night even with 3 fans going in the room. It's just so hot here.

Nena was soo cute! You were all lucky to have her as part of your family. Thanks for sharing.


What wonderful memories for your family, Nena must be greatly missed.

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