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PhotoHunt - hat(s)


I'm stretching a little bit this week's theme but I wanted to share this photo of yours truly wearing a Berber head wrap.

My husband and I were in a souk (market) in Fez, accompanied by our local guide and browsing the different stalls. We stopped at a shop that specialized in textiles. The shop was full of fabulous and colorful goodies to suit every taste and pocketbook. I was tempted to take with me an exquisite bedspread but decided against it since I knew I couldn't fit it in my suitcase. I then looked at more portable items, like scarves and tablecloths, and chose a couple of silk scarves. Before leaving, one of the guys attending the shop wanted to show us how the Berbers tie the turbans they wear as a form of protection against the harsh desert elements.

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I love this photo! It looks like you are cold in this photo - only because it reminds me of someone dressed for biting cold winds. I guess that is the purpose (except maybe the cold part).

Cool photo and a beautiful scarf! Are you able to tie it yourself now? Looks kinda complicated!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

I love it. Do you still remember how to tie it? I wish I could make those tie up scarf hats.

I coud use one of those on a cold, snoy, winter day!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, very cool photo of you and your berber head wrap. I love the colors!

Too bad you couldn't get that beautiful bedspread. I often struggle with that lack of space issue when I see something that I really like while traveling.

Thanks for this very cool photo selection! Have a great Sunday and enjoy Tuesday Maria!


Ah Maria, awesome photo, I love it. Except that your beautiful face is hidden, at least we can see your eyes though!

Oh wow! Great photo! :)


I have that same wrap in blue and silver! It was a gift from my Moroccan cousin.

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