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From the Online Etymology Dictionary

1695, from Fr., from Arabic babush, from Pers. papush, from pa "foot" + posh "covering." Arabic, lacking a -p-, regularly converts -p- in foreign words to -b-.

Designed to be easily slipped off, this handmade beauty is made of the softest leather I've ever touched. The soft padded interior is lambskin and the sole, made of leather, feels a bit slippery when walking on tile. The pretty little dots are rosebuds made of silk. The trimming around the opening is also silk, as well as the tassel.

Babouches are worn by both men and women. Most men I saw wearing babouches wore yellow ones while women wore embroidered slippers.



I also found at the market these adorable mini babouche keychain. I thought they would make a wonderful little souvenir for my friends and my daughter.


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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, the Babouches look cool. They also look really soft and comfortable. And the keychains are adorable!

Wonderful close-up photos. From them it does look like they are very comfortable. And I like the little colorful balls and tassel.

Thank you for this great post Maria. Have a great day!

Those are beautiful! I love the little silk rosebuds. And the tassels. I bet they are comfy.


So beautiful!

Interesting shoes. At first they reminded me of elf shoes, I think because of the pointy toes.


The little babouche keychains are adorable.
And I love these babouches, they are pretty and look very comfortable.


Maria, I love your babouche(s). They sound so comfortable.

They look so wonderfully soft! It must be really nice leather. And the key chains ad adorable!

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