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Furry, take two


I intended to include a photo of our first cat, Spice, in yesterday's PhotoHunt post but later decided against it. As the most senior member amongst our cats, he deserved an entire entry.

Spice was the first of our four cats, all of whom were strays left at the door of the vet clinic where my daughter works. Spice and his brother, Sugar, came to live at a horse stable, brought by the vet as a way to control the mice population. My daughter had a horse at the barn and she spent many hours each day riding her horse and hanging out with her horse-crazy friends. Amongst the many cats that roamed the barn, Sugar and Spice were the youngest. My daughter grew very fond of both kittens, talking often about them. Of the two, Spice seemed to bond with my daughter, running to her side as soon as he saw her arrival at her horse's stall.

One day, my daughter came to the barn and heard the horrible news that Spice's brother suffered a fatal accident when he crossed in the path of a horse. She felt sad for Sugar, but most of all for Spice who had lost his twin brother. In the days that followed, Spice continued to greet my daughter but he had changed. We could sense a sadness in his meow. Afraid that this sweet kitten might not thrive in the rough environment of the barn, my daughter asked the barn owner and the vet if we could adopt Spice. They were very happy to see him come live with us and join Nena.

Since coming home, Spice has raised three cats (all males) and has also shared his space with four dogs. His favorite snack is eating house plants and he gives the sweetest kisses. One time I approached him expecting a kiss and he licked my lips instead. I thought that was the ultimate expression of affection coming from him.

When my daughter moved out, she took Spice with her. At 15 years of age, he's still handsome and sweet. Here he is with his buddy, Mojo.


A rare moment, Spice enjoying a nap in solitude.

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Spice is so cute!


Ahhhhh, Spice and Mojo are so cute!!! And love, LOVE, that napping picture. Sad about his brother though, cats really do seem to feel those losses. I know my Winston acted forlorn for a long time after his sister was killed (by a hit and run driver.)

What a sweet story. I was saddened to hear about Sugar but happy to hear how Spice has enjoyed his life. Beautiful cat. Beautiful photos :)

Awwww - words fail me. :) :)

What Leslie said! What a beauty. I love those crossed paws in the Spice and Mojo photo. SWEET!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, this is a wonderful heartwarming post. After the loss of Sugar, that was very nice of your daughter to ask to take Spice in to live with you and your family. It's great to see how he got along so well. Definitely deserving of a featured entry!

I love the photos of Spice and Mojo.

what a cute cat.


Maria, that is a very sweet story -- and great photos!

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