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In the colorful stalls in the souks I found...

the Moroccan spice cabinet:


dried fruits, nuts and dates:

herbal medicine to cure anything, herbs and spice mixes:



jars with natural dyes:

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What absolutely beautiful photos!!


Lovely photos!

And so many spices!

Beautiful! What did you buy from there?

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, these are great photos! Those jars of Herbal medicine looks really interesting. Thanks so much for posting more of your wonderful trip Photos.

Have a great evening Maria!

Wow, these are awesome photos. What a great place. I love how in the second photo, there's what looks like modern face cream next to the spice pyramids. :)

Thanks for showing us photos of this. It's great to see. I bet it smells wonderful there also.


What a gorgeous market! Better than the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul (which had way too many cheap souvenir stalls.)

The colours are so rich!

Fascinating photos - when I quickly looked at the first one I thought that they were crayons.

Another set of beautiful photos, Maria! What a fascinating place, thanks for sharing.

I would love to visit this market! Beautiful photos. I am fascinated with the first two.

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