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National Wear Red Day

We all have something red in the closet and tomorrow, Friday February 6, is the day to wear it. The Go Red For Women campaign is designed to promote awareness and prevention of women’s heart disease. Information on the campaign and some cool photos of cities across the nation that went red last year by illuminating buildings and monuments in red can be seen here.

In honor of this day I'm posting two red photos.

I stood in the rain in a park adjacent to the Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech to take a picture of this pretty red rose.

Stop sign, in Arabic.

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The rose is so beautiful. And the Arabic stop sign brings back memories to me.
Thanks for sharing. Oh, and I will wear red tomorrow!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, wonderful post! I love the photos you posted. And that is a very beautiful rose. Thank you for standing in the rain to take the photo.

I am definitely wearing red in recognition of tomorrow's Go Red National campaign day.

Have a great evening Maria!


I will be wearing red tomorrow. One of my parents ( a physician) did a presentation today (in Kindergarten) about healthy hearts. I am angry at myself for not taking photos. She had the models of a heart and had illsutrations, etc. My children really enjoyed her visit.

Great post! The photo of the rose is gorgeous. I also love the stop sign photo. I like the way it is almost all black & white except for the sign. Thanks for the link to the red city photos. Haven't seen them before.

Thanks for the reminder of Wear Red Day.

I have on red shoes today!

Both photos are wonderful but that Arabic stop sign is so so cool!


That red stop sign is so funky, I love that shot! And the rose, dripping with rain, is lovely.

I am not wearing red! So sorry! I don't have anything red for work... :)


Love the stop sign, very cool!!! I misread girasoli's post and thought wear red day was yesterday so thought I'd missed it. Just realized while reading yours that I have a red shirt on, so I did participate after all! (Otherwise I was trying to cheat by saying I have a redheaded husband and daughter so did that count?! lol)

I love the Arabic sign!
Reading your blog is an adventure every single time. Thank you so much!

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