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PhotoHunt - bridge(s)


Here’s my bridge, from the beautiful work done by Giovanni Moro. I became acquainted with Moro’s miniature replicas of Venice's historic buildings and churches last year when Annie blogged about Kathy’s very own "Little Venice". I fell in love with Kathy’s collection which included an exquisite and very detailed Ca' d'Oro.

Last October, Ann and I were just wandering through Venice’s streets and alleys, enjoying the window displays of Venetian crafts, when we spotted the Moro miniatures. Ann mentioned that her Mom had bought a couple of them (or maybe it was only one?) on her trip to Venice. Ann was looking for a piece to add to her Mom’s collection and after admiring the pieces on display, she selected a beautiful palazzo. While she studied each piece, I became more intrigued at the careful detail of each piece. On my last day in Venice, I went back to the store and bought my four mini Moros.

The lady at the store told me that my bridge is called "ponte medio". I was looking to buy a mini Rialto Bridge but they had just sold the last one. I love the two palazzi but the vera da pozzo and the bridge are priceless. They are so unique to Venice.


I adore this tiny vera da pozo.

I just couldn't resist putting the bridge on water ... :)

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Great take on the theme, Maria. I love your bridge, and your other Moro collection.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, I love your photo theme selection! Your moro bridge is awesome! I also love your two palazzi and vera da pozzo (I don't think I saw one of these in the shops I visited).

Thanks so much for mentioning my collection entry. :) It was fun re-visiting Annie's post and I am still blown away by that lego Venice. I love my moro miniatures and agree with you about the realistic details of the artist.

Great close-up photos. Have a great weekend Maria!

Oh my stars! Those are divine! :)

What a great collection to have. I would have a difficult time deciding on which pieces to buy.


Those are lovely pieces, Maria! So evocative of Venice.

We are fine, just hot, and I got my new air conditioning, so I am good, apart from when I was at work last week. It was unbearably hot in the classroom.

The rest of Australia has fires and floods.

Thank you for your kind thoughts. :)

I love it. That is such a great take on this week's theme. I love Venice miniatures.


Your bridge choice is so beautiful! And the other miniatures too.

Leslie, I thought of you when I saw all of the fires there. I guess they are not close to you. I miss your posts on Slow Travel.

Maria, thank you! Again, you rock - that was very kind of you to pass on that message. :)

Have a great week. :)

Oh, these are so wonderful! I can't believe you actually found a vera da pozzo too! I love all the pieces you picked out.

I looked at these several times in December and ended up not buying anything. Of course, I want the big churches which are so expensive. I did take a photo of a window display of these miniatures though.

Wonderful post and your photos are great (love your little bridge in water!).

So cute! What cool way to recreate Venice at home.

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