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PhotoHunt - nautical

On my last evening in Venice last October, I went to the Piazzetta San Marco to enjoy the view of the canal and to take pictures of the gondolas at dusk with the Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore in the background. I was crushed to see the large Costa cruise ship get in the way and steal the few minutes I had to shoot my magical Venetian twilight photo.



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I love these photos!
What a contrast...the elegant gondolas counterpoint the huge, colossus of a cruise ship passing in the background!

I would have been bummed too, but I think that ended up being a cool photo just the same.

Really excellent photos for this week. :)

ARGH - I too have lovely Venice shots ruined by those huge cruise ships. I feel your pain.


Gorgeous photos Maria. I love dusk.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, great theme photos! I also think the contrast between the cruise ship and gondolas makes these really interesting photos.

Have a great Sunday Maria!

The photos are nice but I really think those huge ships are such an eyesore. That's one reason I like going in winter (those things don't come through then). A few years ago, there was near-miss when one of those cruise ships almost ran aground right at the Doge Palace. It would have turned that place into a big pile of pink rubble!


As Kathy said, the contrast between traditional symbols of Venice and the hulking cruise ship makes for an interesting photo.

These ships have become so huge and ubiquitous that they're an eyesore.


No, I think that the large ship added a really nice something to your pictures - the lights on the ship, the ship and the gondolas - really lovely. Those of us who love Venice really get what that contrast means today.

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