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Politics, Moroccan style

According to Wikipedia, there are 20 political parties in Morocco. Since the medinas have extremely organized layouts, this wall in Fès is a designated place for political parties to place their propaganda. I think this is a brilliant and very civilized idea.


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I agree, very civilized! And that is a very nice photo. Love the color of the wall.

Maria, this is a neat way.
I believe the sentence says:
Senate members elections to be held the 7th of9not sure which month) 2007.
Or something like that.

Candi, I looked-up Morocco on the CIA Fact Book and under elections of the Legislative Branch it mentions that the most recent election were held on September 7, 2007. How cool to know Arabic! I love looking at the printed words, and the calligraphy on the buildings and mosques is so gorgeous.

How cool that Candi could read that!


We are definitely going to have to plan a trip to Morocco, your pictures are wonderful. And yes, how cool that Candi can translate that.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, very interesting post and wonderful photo. Thanks also to Candi for the translation of what is written there on the wall.

Great post Maria!


Thanks Maria for the info. I am not sure I can remember what the word for September is in Arabic. I'll have to ask my mom.
But the do have different dilacte in Morocco than Palestine, so it could be different.


That is very beautiful, there is something fascinating and exotic in the Arabic calligraphy.

And how cool that Candi can translate it!

I was thinking it would be cool to know what it said on the wall, and then read your comments. Cool that Candi translated it for us. Beautiful wall!

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