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The communal oven

Every residential quarter in a medina has a communal oven where the residents who do not have an oven at home, can have their bread baked for a small fee. Trays of raw dough are brought to the communal oven each day to be baked into khubz, a round and dense flat bread about the size of a pita. The bread is made with white flour; but can also have whole wheat flour added, and semolina is sometimes sprinkled on the top.

With all the bread around, the baker relies on an identifying mark, made by the dough owner, to know whose bread he's baking.



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Maria, this is a great post!

Barb Cabot:

I love this. It seems so civilized and special to bake bread this way.

Love these photos. Such a beautiful blue on those walls. And I just love the idea of communal ovens.

The bridge with the angel is in Castello, close to the Arsenale. I think the angel is older than the bridge - she's a nice one!

Have a great weekend! Looking forward to seeing which Venice bridge you post.

More great photos and info!


A communal oven. Somehow, that makes a lot of sense to me.

Wouldn't that be cool to have here in the US. Very practical idea to have markings to tell the bread apart. Great photos! Love learning more about the culture in the residential quarters in a medina.

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