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The World's Tallest Minaret...

... is in the Mosque of Hassan II in Casablanca. It rises 656 ft (200 m) and is topped with two green laser beams shining in the direction of Mecca and reaching over 18.5 miles (30 km).


And a not-so-good photograph of the shortest minaret that I saw while driving to Tangier. I think I could climb this yellow baby minaret without having to deal with my fear of heights.


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Don't you just love the word Casablanca? :)

Laser beams? That cracks me up, for some reason. It's a gorgeous tower. And the baby one is cute.

So less than a week until the big day! I bet you all are SO excited!

Annie, to me, the laser beam thing is a bit over the top. This is a state of the art huge mosque, with more than half of it built over the sea. The water and rocks can be seen through a glass floor. I read about it in my guidebook and we intended to visit the mosque but we arrived in Casablanca under a heavy downpour. The parking lot was packed with tour buses and even though the mosque can accommodate 25,000 worshippers, I didn’t like the idea of being herded inside. Plus, I was happy and content seeing the more traditional mosques. The admission ticket was close to $15.00.

Yes, we are very excited and a bit pressed to finish tying some loose ends. Family starts arriving tomorrow and the last one leaves on the 27th. It'll be a challenge to blog everyday but I'll try my best. I already missed a day. :(

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, these are wonderful photos. From large to small. And if you were able to walk across the Puente Nueve, I'm sure you could climb the baby minerat!

And as Annie said, we are all very excited for you and your family on the upcoming big event in just a few days! Happy days . . .

Have a great week Maria and an awesome weekend!


The colours are wonderful, Maria. And the mosque in Casablanca sounds fascinating -- a glass floor that looks down into the sea? Amazing!

Good luck preparing for your family's big event, I hope all is going well.

Beautiful!! I would like to climb both :) Still need to do that tower climbing post...my need to wait til March vacation though to get it written.


Beautiful photos Maria. That baby minaret is funny. And I agree, the laser beams seem very over the top! Enjoy your time with family and blog when you can - can't wait to hear all about the wedding celebrations!

Boy, I'd love to see those glass floors but I would have balked at the "herding" too.

Don't fret about missing a day here or there, no biggie at all. Have a wonderful time with your family!

Amazing photo of the tallest minaret! And the baby one is cute.


Wow, laser beams on a mosque! ... towards Mecca. Who would have thought? Obviously somebody did! LOL

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