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The charming, picturesque, brightly painted houses of Burano.














burano5.JPG burano13.JPG

burano16.JPG burano20.JPG

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Wow, Maria. So colorful and happy. I have yet to make it to Burano.I really love the deep red ones, they do stand out.

Maria check this out,I've chosen your blog to receive a fabulous blog award: http://www.slowtrav.com/blog/candi/2009/03/fabulous_blog_award.html

Candi, thank you for the link. I read your blog this morning but somehow missed that entry. Thanks!

The deep red houses are also my favorite although I love the unusual choices, like purple and pink.


Maria, I haven't yet visited Burano and always heard that the colours are wonderful. But until I saw your photos, I had no idea how vivid the streets on this island are! Wonderful photos. The lilac and purple painted homes are amazing.


Oh Maria, I love those photos. It's funny, I am not a pink person but I just love those pink & purple houses. I haven't been to Burano. These pictures make me want to visit!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, awesome photos! I love all of the bright colors on Burano. One of the highlights of my 2007 trip to Venice. It's so cool how you are able to post the two little photos side by side like that and add frames to your photos.

Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful photos Maria! Have a great evening!

What delicious colours...I've not been to Burano, but these images make me wish I'd made time to go there. Thanks for posting them!

Your photos are fantastic!

Wonderful photos! You were lucky to be there on a sunshiny day. When I was there, it was super cold and gray. Even then, it's such a photogenic place. I love the two-toned upper window in the sixth photo.

Did you see the Anthony Bourdain show about Venice? He ate this incredible seafood risotto at a place on Burano that I want to go to next time.


Oh how I remember those wonderful colors; our visit to Burano a few years ago was short, we really only had time for lunch and a short walk, plus it was very, very hot that day, but I do remember the vibrant colors.

Beautiful! I love colorful houses, it makes a city so much nicer and more interesting. I haven't been to Burano either but now I want to!

Thank you everyone for your comments. Burano is a gem and it's so colorful that one cannot take a bad picture.

Annie, thank you for alerting me about your message; it was in the junk folder with another message. Don't know why it ended up there.

I also love that two-toned attic window. It is very original and quite amusing.

I saw a Venice episode but don't recall Bourdain visiting Burano. Is there more than one episode filmed in Venice? I ate a delicious risotto dish at Ristorante Riva Rosa made with a local fish, gò. Does the name ring a bell?

No, the trattoria where he ate was Da Romano, owned by the same family for over 100 years. Looked like such a charming place!

These photos are beautiful! I love every one of them! Burano is one of my favorite places to visit while in Venice. How did you do the last 4 - posting them so they would show up like that? I have tried before but it never works. Great post!! It looks like you went there on the perfect day!

Girasoli, my son showed me how to insert a code to get the photos to align right/left. I can ask him to write the instructions since I just know how to copy and paste the code. It is very easy, if I can do it, anyone can. Let me know if interested.

Annie, now that you mention the name of the restaurant, I recall hearing about it and the show where Bourdain ate there. I stopped at Riva Rosa because they had on the entrance a copy of a Slowtrav page with three reviews and one of them was by Nan. The risotto was amazing but expensive.

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