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How Well Traveled Are you?

I'm doing my first ever blog quiz as I ease my way back into blogging regularly. I still have a few entries to write about Morocco and post a video shot in the famous Djemaa el Fna square in Marrakech that I'm hoping my husband will help me upload on Youtube.

About this quiz, I knew where my highest scores were going to be but what surprised me was my total lack of travel in the Midwestern states. I should remedy that some time soon. Africa scored 0% but I did visit Morocco recently and none of the cities I went to were mentioned in the quiz. My one and only incursion into Asia was way back in 1971 when my oldest brother was stationed in Bangkok. I was fresh out of high school and my parents sent me to the other side of the planet to spend a month with him, his lovely Thai wife and my adorable niece. I traveled all alone making many connections and taking two very long flights on my way from Puerto Rico to Thailand. Most of my travels in Latin America were in Mexico where I lived for two years. The only Scandinavian country I have visited is Denmark back in 1988, when my husband was based at Gatwick Airport and we flew on Maersk Air to Billund to take our Lego-crazy kids to Legoland.

Your Travel Profile:

You Are Very Well Traveled in Southern Europe (80%)

You Are Well Traveled in the Western United States (58%)

You Are Well Traveled in the Northeastern United States (57%)

You Are Well Traveled in Latin America (47%)

You Are Well Traveled in the Southern United States (46%)

You Are Somewhat Well Traveled in Western Europe (29%)

You Are Somewhat Well Traveled in the United Kingdom (25%)

You Are Mostly Untraveled in Canada (20%)

You Are Mostly Untraveled in Scandinavia (20%)

You Are Mostly Untraveled in Asia (4%)

You Are Untraveled in Africa (0%)

You Are Untraveled in Australia (0%)

You Are Untraveled in Eastern Europe (0%)

You Are Untraveled in New Zealand (0%)

You Are Untraveled in the Middle East (0%)

You Are Untraveled in the Midwestern United States (0%)

Comments (15)

Legoland in Denmark? What great parents you guys are! I bet it was fun.

I haven't done this quiz yet but I bet I'm low on the Midwest too even though I have been to Chicago several times (I love that city!).

Maria, how did you like Bangkok?
I scored 100% for Midwestern States, but I grew up in Michigan, and been to all these states for some reason or another, personally, not my favorite part of the country.Chicago is great though!

Annie, our visit to Legoland was before the park in California opened so it was something very special for Pablo and Polaris. Their classmates in Arizona were very jealous when they heard where they’ve been.

I've never been to Chicago. I'd love to go though.

Candi, I enjoyed Bangkok very much but I spent most of my time with my brother and his family. I remember being terrified of the tuk-tuks (auto rickshaw) and the traffic in general. I learned a few words in Thai and to this day I say them to my brother and SIL.

Thanks Maria, Thailand is on my list of places I'd like to go, Bangkok and Chiang Mai are the couple places in Thailand I know I like to visit.

I bet it was very special for them!

The Art Institute in Chicago is such a great museum! Wonderful collection in a beautiful building. I love that place.

I left a comment on Kathy's blog too but while you were gone, Kathy and I talked about how you might be interested in the Puerto Rican presence on American Idol this season. They held audition in San Juan and a number of people made it through. The guy last night was really really good!

Thanks for the lead, Annie. I will have to check AI. I can't commit to watch it every time it airs (is it daily, weekly?) but if I know beforehand that there's going to be a Puerto Rican on the show, I will definitely watch it.

Annie, I think a trip to Chicago might be a great idea, since traveling abroad is not in the books for this year. Funny but my kids went to Chicago with their High School band and my husband goes there very often for work. I think I NEED to go. Soon.

Well, AI comes on tonight at 8 pm Eastern, and Tatiana from PR will be performing tonight. She's the very dramatic girl who was cut a few weeks ago but they are bringing her back as one of the Wild Card contestants. She has a beautiful voice but she's very emotional!

Jorge from PR made it into the Top 12 last night, so he will be performing next week. The schedule has been a bit erratic but I think that starting next week, it will be Tuesday nights for the performances and then Wed. night to announce the results.

Annie, thanks for the information on AI. I set the DVR to record the program in case I forget. I saw a couple of videos of Tatiana on youtube and she does have a beautiful voice but a very annoying laugh. I hope Jorge sings in Spanish, his diction in English is OK (says she who speaks with an accent) but he really shines in his native language. Look at me, already into AI! :)

Beware, it is addicting! About Jorge, when he performed earlier this week, they said that since he first auditioned in PR, he's been going to a dialect coach to help him sing in English without an accent, and one of the AI judges said that they didn't think "singing with an accent" was a problem. I would love to hear him sing in Spanish on the show - he seems like a really sweet kid.

Well, I watched it this morning and I have to say that I found it very entertaining. Tatiana has a lovely voice but I cringed at her antics. One has to wonder if she's trying to show that she can not only sing but can also act (in a soap opera, perhaps). Maybe she was brought back to add drama and color to the competition.

I'm looking forward to seeing Jorge perform. I don't believe singing with an accent should matter unless the singer has such heavy accent that you can't understand the lyrics. There are so many great pop and classical singers that sing in English with an accent.

So, next show airs next week, right?

I think you are very well traveled! I grew up in the Northeastern United States and you still beat me there. From your 0% places, where would you go first?

Girasoli, on the top of the list of "new" countries I want to travel to are Turkey, Greece and the Czech Republic. Maybe in a couple of years but in the meantime, I hope to return to Italy this year.

Yes, the next show is Tuesday night (tomorrow). And that night, we will be able to see each of the Top 13 perform. I'll be curious to see what you think about Jorge; I've been very impressed with him so far.

I told Kathy that it won't surprise me if Tatiana ends up with her own reality TV Show! She's a beautiful girl with a very nice voice, but so over the top dramatic!

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