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La Vecia del Morter - the Old Woman of the Mortar

vecchia1.JPGLast year, about three weeks before I was due to leave for Venice, I read on Slowtalk a post about a legend dating back to the 14th century about how an old woman aided in thwarting a rebellion against the doge, Pietro Gradenigo.

Here's the story, from
The Rough Guide to Venice & the Veneto

I had a bit of trouble finding the exact location of the commemorative plaque. I knew it was on a calle, just off Piazza San Marco. After walking for a few minutes looking up, searching for la vecchia I finally found her above a sotoportego, just around the corner from the Torre dell'Orologio.



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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, this is a cool story! And how great that you were able to find her commerative plaque and I'm so glad that you did. Your photos are wonderful. She was brave and smart, asking that her rent not be raised!

Thanks for this very enjoyable read this morning. Have a great weekend Maria!

Great photos! It is hard to find that relief. There's another version of the story that says that she asked that the rent never be raised for both her and her descendants, and that her family lived there for centuries and the Republic never raised their rent!

Kathy, it is a fascinating story and I'm glad I read that post just when I was about to leave for Venice.

Annie, it seems that there are many different versions on the legend. Apparently her descendants lived in that building well into the 20th century.

This is such an amazing story. Between you and Annie, I can't wait to go back to Venice~

Very cool find! I probably walked by and never even noticed the relief. She was very smart to ask for her rent to not be raised. Thanks for sharing this story and your photos.

Candi, I can relate to your desire to return to Venice. Reading Kathy's Venice report and Annie's interesting posts is what made me add Venice to my fall trip.

Girasoli, I also probably walked past that relief many times on my previous visit. It is a cute legend and the relief is kind of funny looking.


Great photos, Maria! I remember reading about this story, both in the Slow Travel discussion that you've linked to, and somewhere else -- perhaps a travel magazine article? Anyway, it's a great story and congratulations on finding the plaque!

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