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My treasures from Morocco

Moroccan saffron to make tagines and paella...

from this shop in Fès.

A cranberry red handbag from a shop in Fès...

where we got to take a photograph with the family that owned it. It was from this shop's terrace that we saw the tanneries.

Two Berber rugs of which I don't have a photo because they are in the framing shop. Here is the father and son who own the shop in Fès; on the right is our guide, Mohamed al-Hakim.

A pretty inlaid wood box...

from a shop in Marrakech.

Two silky scarves...

from this shop in Fès where I was photographed wearing a head wrap.

A bracelet with the hand of Fatima, which I gave to my daughter to ward-off the evil eye.

A decorative tagine dish for my brother from a ceramic shop outside the medina in Fès. Here I am paying for it.

A hat to keep my husband warm...

and a fez hat that my son had asked us to bring him. Yes, we bought a fez hat in Fès...

from this store.

And you'll have seen my babouches. I like them so much that I had to post the photo one more time.

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, wow I love all of your treasures from Morocco. I love that handbag! And that's a really cool group photo of you, your husband the shop owners and your guide. I also love the bracelet, inlaid box, your two beautiful scraves and those cool hats (I notice your husband wearing his hat in one of the photos) and I think your babouches deserves another appearance. They are very cool! I bet the rugs you selected were very nice too.

You have some very awesome souvenirs Maria. You did great! Thanks so much for sharing your treasures. Have a great evening!


What beautiful treasures! And look at the color of the Moroccan saffron - I have never seen that before.

Brilliant photos!

Treasures is right! What beautiful things. I too am so taken with the color of that saffron - I bet it makes the rice look lovely. The Moroccan merchants look so nice too!

That bracelet is sooo cool and I love the red hangbag too. I'd love to see photos of the rugs when you get them back from being framed.

Barb Cabot:

I see that so many have used the word "treasures" which is the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw your purchases. I think the "saffron" is like gold. Love the flavor it imparts...so special. Nothing else can taste so gentle and different. Your "fez" hat, priceless. Love the bag and so many other things. You did good!

Wow, Maria, I love all your treasures! The handbag is so cute. And the scarves...
But I have to say the saffron is a great buy,as my mother uses it in her cookings and she sometimes have hard time finding what she likes.


As Barb says, treasures is certainly the correct word for your souvenirs of Morocco -- including some beautiful photos (I still love the shot of you in the head wrap!)

That bracelet is so lovely, as is purse, the babouches.......


Ah Maria, you add so much to my anticipation. Thanks!

Beautiful treasures! How were the prices? I love the bracelet, the bag, and the scarves. The hats are so cool! I too was surprised by the color of the saffron. I would have a difficult time deciding what to buy with so many items being sold.

Thank you all for your great comments. I enjoy every single one of the souvenirs and will soon be using the saffron. I'll post a photo of the two Berber rugs as soon as we get them back. We're paying a small fortune to have them framed but I couldn't see them just hanging from a rod.

Girasoli, prices vary from shop to shop but there is no set price. Haggling is an art form in Morocco and we did a fair amount of bargaining, even at the hotels.

Ooohhh, haggling for the room price. That must have been fun!

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