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PhotoHunt - four

I found this week's theme in Venice, with four pictures from my last trip.

Four gondola prows with their very characteristic and bold iron work known as ferri.

Four striped gondolier polo shirts.

Four columns in the Doges' Palace with four gallery windows in quatrefoil patterns.

Four duck decoys and a kitten.

Happy hunting and a great weekend to everyone!

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Awesome! I can't believe you found gondoliers' shirts hanging - I've taken so many photos of laundry in Venice but have never seen those. Beyond cool! Was that in Cannaregio?

I love the gondolas lined up in the first one, and what great timing to catch those shadows at the Doge Palace. And the kitten with ducks! What a great photo and these days, any cat sighting in Venice is special. I recently read that some people think that the gondoliers' shirts are striped to pay homage to the original striped tabby cats the Venetians imported to help them fight the rats (and the plague). Pretty cool!

Well, I've rambled on long enough. I love all FOUR of these great Venice photos (I never get tired of looking at Venice and can't wait to see more of yours. What a photogenic city it is and everyone sees it differently).

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Annie, yes the photo is in Cannaregio (how did you know that?) taken on Fondamenta Trapolin, just around the corner from my apartment. I remember clearly that it was a Saturday morning and I got all excited to see the shirts on the hanging laundry. The following day there was a black gondolier jacket on the clothesline but I didn’t take a photo. Interesting fact about the stripes on the shirts.

The gondolas were parked by a gondola "station" next to the Best Western, near Pza. S. Marco. I went there my last night and spent a few hours watching people getting on the gondolas.

The Doges' photo was also taken the last day, just as the sun was setting. And the kitten with ducks photo is from the first full day in Venice, after Anne arrived. We were wandering around Cannaregio and happened upon a couple of cats napping on a boat. They came to greet us and I have a sweet photo of Anne caressing a kitty.

I'll start blogging about Venice soon, maybe Sunday.

I absolutely love your photos. All so beautiful and unique.
I love the angle at which you shot the gondolas. And of course the gondolier shirts is a great catch in a photo.
I love the reflection of the windows in the Dodge Palace.
And how cute are the ducks and kittens.
Great take on the theme.

Maria, I love the pictures of the shirts drying!


WOW, love the pictures! The first one is such a great shot.

Cannaregio just seems like the most likely neighborhood where a gondolier and his family would be living, but I was guessing. The Locanda Orseolo where I've stayed several times is close to that Best Western and the big gondola area, but because of all the rain and acqua alta, there wasn't alot of gondola action when I was there in December. The new Hard Rock Cafe is right by that area too although it had not opened yet when I was there.

Hope you're having a nice weekend!

You found a nice selection of pictures of 4. And all of Venice. I love the diversity and they add up to a great slice of what it is like to visit Venice.

I've been enjoying your Morocco posts and I'm looking forward to reading (and seeing) about Venice.

Maria - your choices for this week are beautiful. While I like them all I am partial to the cat amongts the decoys - of course!

These are all really cool shots! I can't decide which one I like the best. Amazing that you found 4 gondelier shirts hanging on the line. I wonder if they all belonged to one person or it is a family business? Great take on this week's theme. I am very behind (personal family stuff this week - but will try to catch up with your other posts later today or tomorrow).

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, I love your collection of four's for this week's theme! Love the 4 gondolas and 4 Gondolier shirts. I loved taking photos of the gondolas in Venice. Awesome photo of the doges palace. Great timing on getting that shot. I love your last photo of the cute cat sitting amongst the ducks. That must be a really cute photo of Anne playing with the kitty cats in Venice.

Wonderful photos for this week's theme Maria! Have a great evening!


Great photos for the "Four" theme, Maria. I loved them all!

very interesting pictures you got there and I just absolutely love the cat with the duck decoys:D I thought those ducks are real!!

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