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PhotoHunt - space

The awe-inspiring open space of the Red Rocks of Sedona. Iron oxide (rust) gives the sandstone cliffs the different shades of red-orange color.

Bell Rock

Courthouse Butte

A distant view of Schnebly Hill (on far right), named after the first postmaster of Sedona, T. C. Schnebly.

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Beautiful sceneries, Maria.

Great photos. I love the red rocks of Sedona.

Beautiful photos, Maria.
I love the Southwest and its open spaces, I went with a similar take.

Ah! another great take on western open space. I also went with 'open space'. I don't think you can live in the west and not be inspired by our open spaces.

Gorgeous photos! A place I have always wanted to see!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, these are gorgeous photos! I love the red-orange colors that you pointed out. And it's so interesting to learn what causes it's beautiful colors too.

Great take on this week's theme Maria! Have a great weekend!

Oh my - how beautiful! :)

Nice photos. I really want to see this part of the country in person someday. So beautiful.



I LOVE Sedona! I used to go there quite often in the "old days". One of the Pink Jeep Tour drivers took my girlfriend and I up to the top of Schnebly Hill - what a view!

I am sure it is quite different (and developed) since I have been there, but I have fond memories.


Very pretty1 I'm itching to get back to the Southwest.

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