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PhotoHunt - yellow

A water ambulance.

A bright yellow house in Burano.

A sparkling yellow bedsheet hanging from a clothesline in the ghetto.

Happy hunting and a wonderful spring to everyone!

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Wow Maria, very nice and bright yellows here.
I love, love that building in Burano.
And how bright are these bedsheets, I bet they glow in the dark:)

Lovely collection of yellow photos.

Great photos - Vivid yellow in all three of them. Love that bedsheet! Happy First Weekend of Spring!

Great photos! You definately got bright yellow color in the photos. Love the water taxi.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, these are wonderful selections for this week's theme photo. I don't think that I saw an ambulance boat in Venice, so seeing your first photo was very interesting. And I love all the bright colors in Burano and I think I took a photo of that building too. It looks so familiar to me next to the pink one! And I love looking at all the laundry hanging in Venice. Not sure why I enjoy looking at other people's laundry but I did while in Venice. And that is a great shot of the bright yellow bedsheet. I wonder how long it takes to dry?

Love all your photos for this week's theme. Have a great weekend Maria!

Fun posts. I was hoping to see some great yellow from your pictures in Venice. Perfect!

Barb Cabot:

I never could get over all those colored homes in Burano. It's like being on some unreal movie set. Love it.

Gorgeous shots . . . that sure is a bright sheet! LOL

Ahhhh - love your pictures for this week! :)

I thought about posting my yellow ambulanza photo from Venice. Love your combination of photos. The last one is very cool with everything else so subdued.


I like all the different "yellows" you captured.


Beautiful photos, Maria. Never thought about a Water Ambulance!


Wonderful finds, Maria. That house is stunning and the sheet is certainly eye-catching!

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