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Remembering Coco

My beloved Coco crossed the Rainbow Bridge a year ago today. Not a day has gone by that I don't think about her and all the happy memories we made together. Coco enjoyed being outdoors and I loved having her sitting on my lap like a child. She claimed as her own bed an old recliner and slept on it every night until she started to loose her agility.
coco1.JPG coco2.JPG

Two years ago this June we sold the house where we raised our children and moved into a new town home. While packing we noticed that Coco was nowhere to be found. After searching room after room, we found her hiding in a corner inside the closet in my daughter’s room. She liked this room; it was there where she would come to play with her kitten friends. While packing, she had to check out the boxes scattered around the house. She almost got packed inside one! :)
coco5.JPG coco04.JPG

Coco got used to the new abode pretty quick. She could always be found napping in her cozy soft-sided crate.
coco6.JPG coco3.JPG

From a very young age we took Coco to the beach in Rocky Point, Mexico. She loved playing in the tide pools. After we bought the boat, she came sailing with us in San Diego. A fine doggie-sailor, she had her very own life vest. Taking her to the shore for potty breaks was a job for the kids.

coco7.JPG coco11.JPG

My dog was not the only pet from the Slowtrav community that crossed the Rainbow Bridge last year. During the first three months of 2008 four ST members had to say their final goodbyes to their precious kittens. Gone but not forgotten are Jetbuny's Hobbes, Janie's Sophie, Pokey's Leo, and Nancy's beautiful Meow. They all live in our hearts and in the wonderful memories we have of our furkids.

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Very sweet post, Maria.
I am so sorry for your loss. Coco's lovely personality and your love for her appear in your photos.

Well this has got me all choked up here. It is truly one of the hardest things in life (saying goodbye to a furry friend). Coco was so beautiful and she had a very happy life, I can tell. I love that last photo of her on the way to her potty break!

Are you thinking about getting another dog and/or cat? I think you said that your cat went to live with your daughter, right? At some point, I really want another dog but I'm going to stick for just cats for a while.

Take care, I'm sure it's been a bittersweet day for you.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, this is a wonderful post remembering your Coco. I love all the beautiful photos of her especially the ones on your lap and with her little life vest. I didn't realize how many Slow Travel pets crossed the Rainbow's Bridge last year. But as you said, they do live forever in your hearts and in your wonderful memories of them. Thank you so much for sharing how very special Coco was to you and your family.


Maria this was such a sweet post. I can see how precious Coco was to all who knew and loved her!

Candi, thank you. Coco was a happy and friendly dog and a joy to have around.

Annie, I know I want another puppy but I'm going to wait. Don't know how long it'll be but I don't want to go through the guilt I felt of leaving Coco behind when traveling. You know that feeling, even if cats tend to be a bit more independent than dogs.

About the cats, we had three kittens at home and my daughter took Spice, and Elvis went with Pablo. Tuxedo was mine but Pablo asked for him because he noticed that Elvis was missing his buddy.

Kathy, thank you for your kind words. I love looking at Coco wearing her little vest. She looks so sharp and adventurous.

Sheri, Coco was our youngest puppy and as such she was extremely spoiled.



What a beautiful post remembering your beloved Coco. I am crying as I read it because I know exactly how you feel.

That is a bond that you and I will always have, losing our precious pets within a couple of days of each other.

I'm thinking of you today . . .

Maria, this was such a wonderful post and tribute to your dear Coco. I remember your post last year talking about how she crossed that Rainbow Bridge. I am sure she is looking down at your right now with warm thoughts.

I know all about the guilt. I was lucky because when I had Rocky, my mom would keep him when I traveled. And I had a friend who would keep my little Buddha the mutt. I felt bad boarding the cats when I left last year and as soon as Maria calms down a bit more, I'm going to look for someone to come to the house a couple of times a day when I'm gone. Right now, I just feel like the boarding kennel is the safest place for them since Maria has a tendency to get into trouble!

You'll know when the time is right for a puppy. It's been a year and half since we lost Jordan (my brother's dog) and they are just now ready to get another one (the Easter Bunny will be bringing a puppy to my nephews!).

Nancy, you are so sweet. I hope we meet one day so that I can give a big hug and then talk about our girls.

Girasoli, thank you for your kind comment.

Annie, you are wise to board the kittens for now until Maria calms down a bit. We always boarded our cats when leaving for an extended period of time. Like your mom, I also do dog-sitting duty for my daughter's dog.

A new puppy for your nephews?! This is so exciting! I hope that you are there, camera on hand to share with us the happy event.

Yes, I'm sure I'll have lots of puppy photos soon!

Are Elvis, Tuxedo, and Spice siblings?

Annie, the three cats are not related. My daughter brought them home from the vet clinic where she works (she's a vet nurse). They were part of different litters that were abandoned at the clinic. Mojo, the fourth kitten and the latest adoptee, was also a stray.

I can't wait to see the photos of the puppy and your nephew’s happy faces!


What a lovely post, Maria. Coco looks so sweet and gentle (and so cute in her little life vest.)

What a wonderful time she must have had with you, and what wonderful memories for your family to treasure.

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