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Weekend fun

My son Pablo came home today to help me do some much needed housekeeping on my blog. After we were done with the task, we played around with a website that lets you add cool photo effects to your pictures with just a couple of clicks. We had fun selecting photos and creating some silly images. I liked the one with the warholian effect so much that I replaced my profile photo with this new creation. The website is Photofunia and I found it in Azahar's blog.

My beautiful daughter Polaris.

My son clowning around wearing a wooden bowl as a helmet.

An image made with Legos of me and my head wrap.

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This is really cool! For a minute there I thought your daughter was up in Times Square (think that is where that is) in the lights! Cool hibiscus! Fun photos. I love the new header. Is that Arizona? Lucky you to have your son to help you with your blog.

Hey Maria,
I love the new look.And these photos are so much fun. I'm going to try to play around with it a bit.

Girasoli, the header photo is from El Puerto de Santa María, in southern Spain. I was looking for a photo that had a desert plant and a body of water and this one seemed to be the only one with both elements.

Once in a while I ask my son to help me update my blog and change some settings. Without his expert help, I probably would make a big mess with the template and settings of the blog.

Candi, have fun playing around with your photos in Photofunia!

Your blog is SO cool! :)

Those photos are fun! And I love your new header, it looks great.

Love the Warholian sidebar photo too. And you in Legos is too funny!

You are lucky to have tech support in the family!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, I love the new look to your blog. Your new header is very beautiful. That's a really cool photo feature that you found. I love the three examples you did! How great that your son has the techi background to help you with your blog. Excellent new look!

Have a great week Maria!

Barb Cabot:

Whoaaaa Maria, At first I thought "Where Am I? Who's blog is this?" Nothing looked familiar but it looked WoW so beautiful and captivating. I just love what you did. All the pictures so fun and inventive. It really looks like a page out of some high tech design magazine. Love what you did. I'm going to check out the site. Thank you.


Looks great. And what fun to play with your photos!

I LOVE that site! I have spent so much time playing with it over the last few months! Too much fun!

Mary Ann:

Titi, I love the pictures. I miss you guys...


May I borrow your son :)? This looks really nice.

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