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Fellow blogger Candi gave my blog a FAB-U-LOUS blog award last week. Thank you, Candi! As part of this award I have to list 5 things I think are fabulous. I decided to go with a family theme.


My fabulous family, on the occasion of both my parent's 80th birthday.

My fabulous Italian family. This is the first family photo I have of my cousins with me. It was taken on my very first visit to Sicily ten years ago.

My fabulous daughter, enjoying a perfect day at the beach on Anegada Island, BVI.

My fabulous son with my also fabulous husband.

Fabulous us in Venice! :)

The second part of the Fabulous Award is to name 5 other fabulous blogs. Most of the fabulous ST blogs have already received this fun award so, I'm going to select five non-ST blogs that I read on a regular basis.

These Days in French Life
Living Venice Blog
Sicilian Odyssey

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Woo hoo - that made my day!

I never miss a single one of your blog posts by the way. :)

Fabulous! I love your family photos. It is so great to have such a bog and wonderful family.

Thanks for your fabulous blog, Maria.

Fabulous post! I love seeing photos of you and your family. Love the one of the two of you in Venice!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, these are wonderful photos of your fabulous family. I love the photos of you and your daughter, your son and husband and also you and your husband in Venice. And you have a really big extended family too! Very nice looking family group photos.

I recognize and completely agree with your selection of Kaleidoscope on your list. Leslie has a very Fabulous blog! I will have to check out your other selections too. Since you think they are fabulous I know I will think so too.

Great fabulous list and theme for this post Maria! And thank you for sharing all of your wonderful family photos and for the tips on more fabulous blogs to read.

Have a great day!

Thank you! Y'all are fabulous! :)


Maria, those really are fabulous photos -- and what a fabulous family!

You have a fabulous blog and a fabulous family! Loved seeing these photos!!

That last picture of you and Tio Ivan is adorable! Frame that!!

Thank you dear niece! I love this photo and I may follow your advice and frame it. ;)

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