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PhotoHunt - Protect(ion)

I thought I had nothing for this week's theme but then I remembered that I had photographed a relief on the church of San Tomà of the Madonna della Misericordia (Mother of Mercy). She is Virgin Mary with a cloak, who offers to protect us under her spread out mantle.


A Lover of Venice has a page dedicated to this beautiful representation of Mary, with fabulous images and detailed descriptions of 28 Madonne della Misericordia. Annie, our resident shrine guru, blogged about the church of San Tomà and posted some wonderful photos of the exterior of the church.

Happy weekend to everyone!

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Perfect for the theme! I am slapping my head because I never thought about her for this protection theme, LOL. Love your photo of one of the most beautiful reliefs in Venice!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Great choice for this week's theme! Have a great weekend.

Wonderful shot! And great for the protection theme.

What a beautiful post!

That is a beautiful representation of Mary and her protection.


Hi Maria, I have a photo of this very shrine! No doubt taken the same day as yours :)

Beautiful relief. I would love to see this someday in person. Great choice for the theme this week.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, I love your selection for this week's theme. And that is a great close-up shot of such a beautiful relief.

Thank you Maria! Have a great Sunday.

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