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PhotoHunt - purple

I did not find many purple things in my photo folder, except these two images. Hope no one minds that they are recycled photos.

If I lived on Burano, I'd paint my house purple.


Gorgeous purple artichokes at the Rialto Market.


Happy hunting and a wonderful weekend to everyone!

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Those artichokes are one of my very favorite things to eat in Venice - I love them! Great photo of them. And that's a sweet little purple house.

Hope you're having a nice weekend!

Love your two choices. I also posted 2 Burano photos and would paint my house purple also! I always think about that when I go there :)

Can't wait to go back to Burano! Funny how much we all love purple. :)

I'm so glad you posted the purple artichokes. I just went to the grocer and I saw some there and thought - wow, they would have been great for Photohunt. Then I came home and saw them on your blog. Perfect.

BTW, I just noticed your header photo. It is very nice.

Love your purple Burano house, I was going to put mine in, but chose some flowers instead . Very nice.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, great photos! That's a cute purple house. I love the bright and colorful buildings in Burano. When PH does a Pink theme, I have the perfect Burano House for it! I love your second close-up photo of the purple artichokes too! Great choices for this week's photohunt theme Maria! Hope you are having a great weekend!


Those are wonderful choices, Maria. That house is so pretty -- I agree with you completely! If I lived on Burano, I would want a purple house, too.


I love artichokes and they look great in purple!

Love the purple house! And I have to say purple would be my choice too:)


Catching up and love the purple artichokes!

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