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PhotoHunt - stripes

Stripes in the façade of the Church of San Vio in Venice.


I was going to post only one photo for this week's theme but I kept thinking of the stripes I had sewn on my bumble bee costume many years ago. Back in the 80's I was a teacher at a Montessori school in Tampa, Florida. The school's Halloween tradition was such that only teachers were allowed to wear a costume. I made this costume at the last minute even though my sewing skills were very rusty.


Here I am on Halloween Day in the classroom I shared with three other teachers.


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Cool shots and entry to the PhotoHunt theme this week. I wish I could sew. You did great for "rusty skills" :).

Both pictures are great but I do love the bumblebee costume and story. We used to also dress up for Halloween at work. A coworker came in a similar costume. It was a day that we had interviews to do and she interviewed new hires in the bee costume. Good way to tell if someone could work in our 'environment'. Thanks for bring back a great memory. :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, oooooh I love both your Photo Theme selections (I went with a church also), but I have to say that you in your bumble bee costume is my favorite. You look so cute! And you even wore the little antennas and wings in the back. That was pretty good sewing there! I bet the children really loved it too!

Thanks so much for sharing and I'm very glad that you added your additional photos! Have a great weekend Maria!

Both photos are great!

Wow, I'm impressed that you made that costume! So what did the kids think about the fact that only the teachers could dress up? That's cool that you were a teacher.

And I love those stripes on San Vio. That is such a sweet little place.

Hope you're having a great weekend!


Annie, it's been so long but I don't recall the kids being upset about the no costume rule for students. The children (and the parents) at this school were so wonderful and most stayed for day care.

I came across San Vio on my way back from La Salute. I didn't know the name of the campo or the church until yesterday when I searched for it in your blog. Thanks for putting tags on all your entries. It was a snap finding this church. And what a great story!

Very cool costume, Maria. And I love the church too.

For rusty skills you did a great job! I was never a big fan of dressing up for Hallowe'en - I used to be orange and black guy. *smile*

Oh I love your photos for this week. :)

Beautiful little church. I love how just the bottom part is striped.

Your bumblebee costume is so cool! I love the photo of you. Didn't know you taught at a Montessori school.

I made a red and white striped box of popcorn as a costume when I was in grad school in Colorado. If I ever get a hold of a photo scanner (only have a film scanner) and if I get brave enough, I might post the photo of me as a box of popcorn along with the story someday.


Great! I looked for stripes in buildings too.


Great costume. I'm always impressed when someone can sew!


Titi, you have always been SO beautiful!

Thank you Mary! You are so sweet and I love you. I hope to see you this summer.

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